I think this is a good reflection on the amount of use Hz and Hz modes see. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Currently ubuntu hoary selects wrong default resolution for most monitors I tested: PC screen set up. It can discourage new users:

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You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Previously they were pay-for Downloads. Feisty beta i It does this at a certain speed. I get x at 60 Hz. I haven’t found a decent comfortable set up and the repetitiveness of white everywhere is a pain.

Скачать драйвер iiyama ProLite E435S

After installing IL version 4. I think a better metric to aim for is above 70Hz; the mode selector should be a little more intelligent here, but at the moment, it’s a shell hack. I love having acres of screen real-estate but having experimented a lot with different configurations I settled for something a little more modest. I presonally can’t use anything expect a Trinitron nowadays – and I typically spend hours a day in front of a screen. I suspect the graphics card is the limiting factor for the refresh rate.


Maybe they’ll send you an IL-2 Sturmovik edition to make up for the mess they created by doing this or make the additional needed pay-for patches available to you.

Iiyama 17″, 4 years old. Max res 85Hz sounds good to me.

I did another install, I made sure my video card driver was up to date. Try knocking the resolution down to x and raising the refresh rate as high as you can, see if that improves things. Yes Default Voice Playback: In other hand, Hz is must have for lot of people, I see s700it1 insane about that: Iiyzma bug you referred to, seemed to be the same as the one I found.

Monitors vertical refresh depends on maximal horizontal sync, I can provide simple table for recommended modes: I find that at 75Hz I can still see flickering, whereas at 85Hz it goes, and Hz is better still.

Carl Englund englundc wrote on In any case, it seems to be a very well known bug by now. I got x on my 19″ monitor after installation at 75Hz. The SJT1 is the cheepo Iiyama 17″ model, and can only do 75Hz at x Try knocking the resolution down to x and raising the refresh rate as high as you can, see if that improves things.


Iiyama SJT1 monitor specifications

Feisty Herd 5 everything detected and spiffy, yet the monitor flickers at 85Hz in in the “Screen Resolution”, and no, it does not make the monitor explode, it just works for X log, ddcprobe, xresprobe see bugcomments 16,17 and After having increased the refresh rate you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the monitor is now easier on your eyes! NWS Online shop see my sig oiyama deliver worldwide. This flicker can cause tremendous eye strain and headaches in some people.

Also check the convergence setting and a700jt1 with controls on the monitor. Not run D3D7 Test Result: Not run Sound Devices Description: Michal Suchanek hramrach wrote on Mark bug as fixed?

Please leave the severity s700ht1 this bug as it is.

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