I just can’t see why intel, if releasing a bios update after the 1ghz cpu was manufactured, wouldn’t add it to their support list. My current bios is P You’ll definitely notice quite a few differences between the SEBX and most other BX motherboards, the heatsink covering the BX chipset is a much more low profile unit and extends further over the sides of the chipset itself. The connectors on the board itself are, for the most part, easily accessible and once again extreme attention has been paid to detail in this case. It also states that it supports coppermine cpu’s which the 1ghz cpu is.

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I feel a little more confident putting my money on the line now. In order to allow for the CPU settings to be changed in the BIOS Setup you must first cap an easily accessible jumper on the motherboard itself, then power up the system and proceed to edit the CPU settings choosing from a list of predefined clock speeds.

Last edited by se404bx2 on Upon termination, you will immediately destroy the Software or return all copies of the Software to Intel. You may not export the Software in violation of applicable export laws and regulations. Your comments se440x2 been sent.

Whats missing in your collections? In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. I do not accept the terms in the license agreement. Now this manufacturer isn’t a little known one, actually see440bx2 is a very well intdl if not the most prominent name in the PC hardware industry, Intel. At least you have the option of using a cpu up to 1ghz if you want that extra speed. I accept the terms in the license agreement.


Intel SE440BX Pentium II Board

You may copy the Software onto your organization’s computers for your organization’s use, and you may make a reasonable number of back-up copies of the Software, subject to these conditions: Intel is not imtel under any other agreements unless they are in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Intel.

DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: This is what makes me think that it may actually be supported.

This Software is licensed for use only in conjunction with Intel component products. Giving the se440bs2 appearance of a platinum heatsink, Intel expressed their extreme attention to detail in the construction of their flagship BX board. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

What coppermine cpu were you trying to use? The connectors on the board itself are, for the most part, easily accessible and once again extreme attention has been paid to detail in this case. On paper a 1Ghz CPU should essentially work. Like most newer motherboards, the Intel SEBX is a jumperless motherboard, however the Jumperless Setup on the motherboard is activated in a slightly different manner than you would normally expect. The three on-board 3-pin fan connectors se440bd2 conveniently located around the Slot-1 SEC Single Edge Connector – where the P2 plugs in while maintaining a reasonable distance from each other attaining a balance between position and expedience.


It can be quite handy if you aren’t a native English speaker, and have trouble deciphering the sometimes cryptic user’s manuals written in what is claimed to be English.

And I’m yet to find someone try the coppermine 1ghz cpu. There are alternatives to the SEBX however, the AOpen AX6B is almost equivalent in terms of stability, reliability, and quality, and is very much of an overclocker’s board. All foreign installation files were moved to a ibtel partition during the test as to prevent them from effecting the test results.

Intel SEBX Pentium II Board

Board index All times are UTC. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Accenting the Reference Manual is a set of Quick Reference stickers which diagram, and point out key parts of, the motherboard, yet another useful incorporation se440hx2 by Intel.

Just tried my intel slot 1 fsb 1ghz cpu in my SEBX-2 running P16 bios and it booted up fine Bios correctly displays mhz too!

The threads I’ve read through though have se40bx2 for the earlier revision boards and not my board unfortunately. Have it running in my “retro” Pentium 3 machine right next to me. My current bios is P

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