Can you compile and try the latest iwl driver from the compat-wireless tree? Once you have the firmware loader in place or if you aren’t sure and you just want to try things to see if it works , you need to install the firmware file into the appropriate location. Also note that using 40MHz and not 20MHz channel bandwidth will increase the probability to suffer from platform noise since more frequencies might impact the Wi-Fi performance. FTM can work on only and requires special calibrations so that an off the shelf won’t be able to provide accurate measurements. I assume based on your question that you tried different modules versions and configurations if not please do it: The device is not blocked.

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It actually works, but is slow.

Follow the instructions in this answer,just replace alx with intel when calling the driver-select script. Slow wireless with an Intel We run Ubuntu Show all Show less. This process can be automated to find you a driver revision that just works See the section When using built-in configuration. We merge the updates coming from the backport infrastructure on a regular basis. Can you compile and try the latest iwl driver from the compat-wireless tree?


This tree is ideal for bisecting. After a reboot with the new kernel or after loading the modules, the device can be checked for availability by using following methods:.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. July 15th, 9. Do you experience this problem with the Ubuntu I only have trouble when I try to play video or download stuff.

I have been keeping a list of what I have done to get things working on my Toshiba PS For bug reports and debuggingplease see the page dedicated to that.

Check the output of dmesg. Are you able to connect at Mbps Draft-N data rates?

Intel Wireless WiFi Link, Wireless-N, Advanced-N, Ultimate-N devices

First, thank you for your interest in the question. The wireless device requires firmware to operate.

July 4th, 5. We have a release cycle based on the backport tree. The driver from CW is broken as well, same as the default one. USB3 and graphics in certain scenarios. Note We support issues related to the download and installation of software only. I am currently in the process of following some directions for installing iwlwifi.


Anyway, back to the wirekess And disabling N will certainly drop your speed that low Some common sources of platform noise 49665agn be: I’m admittedly a noob, but I’m persistent and frustrated with Vista enough to, more likely than not, getting all my laptop’s devices working with Linux. Where that appropriate location is depends again on your system distribution.

en/users/Drivers/iwlwifi – Linux Wireless

Imtel Users main page. Because the fastest we were able to connect was 54Mbps. The card is AGN, yes, but why do you think the speed should drop?

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