Miscellaneous Included Pointing Device Accessories. It is also an excellent travel companion for users that already have a Pro model on their main setup and would like a more portable alternative for traveling. Obviously the Adobe Creative Suite would be good to have, but since you asked about copic markers, pencils, etc. Intuos delivers a natural, easy and fun way of creating – similar to pen on paper with Pressure-sensitive pen tip and eraser. For most artists, the medium sized models are the sweet spot. And wacoms website is pure consumer bullshitting. I need enough programmable buttons to allow me to “option-click” to “define the area” for cloning and healing, a button for resizing my paint brushes, and a button to automatically open my liquify tool.

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Fabio, your comment about zooming hit the mark–that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all along. What would be different for you is the pen iintuos and drawing stroke length. When this area is mapped to a large display, each point on the tablet surface corresponds intyos a big area on the display. I have a 27inch Mac display. In Photoshop, for example, you can assign the pen tilt to various brush dynamics: I can see that I might have problems due to the fact that I’m using a Bamboo create.

Wacom INTUOS CTH-680 Manuals

There are three settings for tilt on Wacom’s control panel: It’d work for rough sketches, but never for ibtuos work, much less CAD drawing, like your girlfriend does.


For example, it can detect pen tilt angle and offers an optional airbrush pen.

Thank you for taking the effort to put this together. Just to find better pen usage practices when I started researching all products, Intuos4 Small suddenly seems like a better choice. Sounds like the company made an improvement, and it helps to have a light touch.

Full Review: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet

I would be pleased with a programmable button as I could just click it and have it function as my eraser when needed. This is what I use myself with a Dell 30″ with a little more resolution than your iMac. The most natural way, in my opinion, is to keep the screen proportion exactly the same as the tablet surface.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I’m using 17″ display and resolution x if that’s relevant. It’s also compatible with all operating untuos and can be configured to work in any program.

Peripherals by David Carnoy Jul 2, Word of warning to any who are thinking of buying the Inkling. Intous Pro Accuracy pen 0. Warranty does not cover any external accessories such as battery, cable, carrying bagdamage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer, normal wear and tear to magnetic heads, audio, video, laser pick-ups and TV picture tubes, panel, damages caused to the product by accident, lightening, ingress of water, fire, dropping or excessive shock, any damage caused due to tampering of the product by an unauthorized agent, liability for loss of data, recorded images or business opportunity loss.


By the way, the chart doesn’t have the Bamboo Create on it yet.

I’m not sure what size I’d need or if a small Bamboo would be sufficient. Aeon, thanks for posting. I’ve never used a pen tablet before, but can see the benefit and the precision they provide. Wacom says that the Intuos5 surface is not user replaceable, but kntuos be serviced my them.

Wacom (CTH) Intuos Pen & Touch Medium Tablet x inch Active Area | VillMan Computers

It is a paid program, of great quality, easy to use. Do you now if any of them is equivalent with Bamboo Create?

Thank you for writing this article. I work a lot with photoshop and do retouching and my screen size is Thanks for your help! I’m pretty much a beginner to tablets but at my previous company that I intios with we were given tablets and I picked it up pretty fast with them. I’ve been making some designs in illustrator and photoshop about 1 month ago, and I wish to take it as profession in the future.

Thank you for your answer now im more secure, i’ll go with the bamboo lntuos and lets see how it goes: I know how horribly late this is, but it’s the holiday season again and wanted to add my input.

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