This is one of those times. I love the Rapture V2 line – I got a 3 wood thus far and wanted to get a driver. Plus, I am very supportive of Ping being a USA club maker, which can’t be said for any of the other clubs being made. It is definitely confidence inspiring and well suited for the Ultra GI category. This is a temporary situation. I have a slight face naturally, and with the K15 I carried without even breaking a sweat, straight as an arrow. Wanted to get D or Callaway Razr Fit.

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You currently have javascript disabled. I wanted to buy it on the spot but I just purchased an R15 at that time.

Spin was around below and launch was at 12 to We first tried to get the testing methodologies down pat and then we are now starting to improve on other areas of the new system. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Tony Hallas 7 years ago. Edited by collingsom1a, 18 August – The drwa of gravity is also positioned low and deep in the head which means the K15 offers a powerful, high ball flight.

Considering the average golfer fights a slice much more than a hook, this is not an insignificant observation. Ping generally does their “draw” bias through weighting not by closing the head, as in the K15 and G15 http: Most Q who I’d want to fit for K15 Clubs or V2 Clubs won’t dream of paying the price that comes with the ultra forgiveness.


Mostly though, I did well enough to keep the ball in play.

Search the dictionary Search Chinese-Tools. So each is a great driver with different design goals.

Hold the grip lightly and let the club do its thing. As a refresher, the consistency score is how we put a value on what manufacturers generally refer to as forgiveness.

After reading reviews of your K15, I had to stop by the shop nearby and try K Anyway, with all fitting and K15 costed me less id R11s stock.

Aa sense if you look at it from a marketing standpoint. I haven’t hit one yet but I know our shop is getting them. Please try again later!

Ping K15 vs Ping G15 differences? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

You will not regret it. I did not nitice any advatage in distance between the 2 clubs It gives you a lot of confidence and you just have to waft it near the ball to get another drive effortlessly away.


Our math tells us that the K15 is a very consistent driver. I am now a disciple of My Golf Spy. Your review title You must enter a title.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Ping K15 Driver

I was interested to try the Ping K15 driver because I was a big, big fan of the G15 and I was interested to see how the two compared. The big advantage here is that you can swing harder and still turn your hands over, and thereby get distance you have never had before. The advantage to the Ping G15 Driver is that I think it has a little sweeter sweet spot. Time to hit the range for a demo. If I’m working at Golfsmith, this makes my life easier. Well, if you like the looks of the Callaway iz, you will like these.

I always got the new clubs every two years becasue they honestly improved my driver distance, iron accuracy and even iron distance.

You don’t even get shaft options this time around.

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