The printer prints an EAN-8 bar code with the seven digits sent to it and generates the check digit. The report is a null terminated string with the following format: How to use page mode Page mode requires two phases to operate correctly. To store the data in the nonvolatile flash, it must be named and saved by one of the user-store save commands. Use only specified thermal paper. The reset operation is saved until the printer goes idle. Here is how we can help you:

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When the validation sensor is disabled and a paper-end is detected, the printer does not stop printing and eject the paper. Illegal commands are placed in the buffer and take up space. Set form length in lines. Using Field Configuration When the power is initially applied to the printer, it will automatically enter field configuration mode. To allow the host application to maintain these groups of data, a series of user store maintenance commands are available. Print zone maximum Print speed: Each font has a basic size, and the inter-character spacing value is added to the basic size.

The printer and display use the same code page, and the application displays and prints the same characters. Disconnect the current communications and cash drawer cables.


Ithaca 610 printer driver

Consequently, the printer can feed the paper in half-dot units in the reverse direction. The application must make sure that the buffer is not overfilled.

The program is available from TransAct Technical Support or by downloading it from the Internet — consult the section On-line Technical Support for further details. Description The printer must be addressed in multi-drop mode.

Verify the Firmware Configuration An example receipt is included in the box your printer shipped in that will show how the printer was configured before it shipped from our Ithaca facility.

To receive information on international distribution, visit our web site at www. Pressing and holding the FEED button will make the printer feed paper continuously until the button is released. To store the data in the nonvolatile flash, it must be named and saved by one of the user-store save commands.

If ithqca printer is not equipped with a cutter, the operator should remove the paper tail. If the name already exists ithava the flash user store, the command will not store the data.

Ithaca M E |Driver

The command is itthaca to align character columns. If the cable that is used to connect the host to the printer is a pin-to-pin inter-connect, it will not work. Ithaca Thermal receipt printer with auto-cut and tear-bar – Ithaca thermal receipt printer. Here is how we can help you: Mechanism commands in page mode In general, mechanism commands received during ithaaca mode will be processed if the result will not effect the printed result.


Due to space limitations, only 12 characters can be printed. All subsequent lines are rotated and positioned at the opposite margin.

Disk/TRANSACT.INF Driver File Contents (100-06910a.exe)

The paper sensor s used to output paper-end signals are selected by using n as follows: Select uthaca x 9 character font. If the name already exists in the flash user store, the command is ignored. Because user store is intended to be loaded only a few times and then printed ithac part of normal operation, the programmer must take some care during the definition phase. This font is recommended for printing from 16 to 20 CPI.

Download Ithaca Driver

For example, a would be ithaxa to A. The [ESC] u command specifies the number of dots to be added between each printed line. As the buffer fills, the input data is printed normally. Begin variable line spacing. Page mode may work better Bar code printed in horizontal direction default Bar code printed in vertical direction Note 1:

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