I found that I had to use a slightly different connection string and it is: U have almost saved my job. Thank you for writing these steps up! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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java – Sqlserver connection failed from jasperserver running on docker container? – Stack Overflow

What is more, I’m not a client who is connected to Windows Home Server You saved my time… Great work. Ok, so at work I installed JasperServer and spent quite a lot of time in their documentation and could find the basic information of how to connect to a Microsoft SQL server. This error did not occur when connecting from Jasperserver 4. I had to change a property at the database level to enable access by both SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication.

I found that I had to use a slightly different connection string and it is: Thats why it worked in one environment but not another. Yes, same scenario only I’m using versus It had to be under the lib directory of Apache Tomcat. Try an approach, abandon it and do it different. Are you trying to connect from a client to the Windows Home server?


I feel that the problem was keeping two sqldbc. Jasper Server is going the Microsoft way with fancy look servfr feel but I found a few basic bugs in it in my first few 2 days of usage itself. Surely one jasperserveer more of these must be causing your connection failure.

Even to show my good will towards open source projects, I documented my steps on their wiki for them. I can provide my server IP adress and password via private message. Once I commented out the holdability and let it default, everything worked fine.

Using MS SQL Server as a Data Source in JasperReports Server

I will share in next post. Too bad that the lack of good documentation resulted in me spending aql days to figure out that I just needed to spend three seconds to copy a file.

SQL Server supports holdability at the connection level only.

Alberto Morillo 6, 1 7 Also I note that the JasperForge the opensource part of JasperSoft has a wiki, but it is nothing but headers and the data is pretty much blank. This server was not in masperserver domain. Go and find the sqljdbc4. Thanks a lot buddy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jasperserveg I am now using a R2 SP2 server and everything installed just fine, first time. Put it under the very first lib you see as you expand tomcat root.


I have a sqlserver on azure cloud. Open iReport Designer 3.

This is the driver to use if you have jdk 1. Nov 29 – I finally got the connection to work but it was lots of trouble.

Yeah, three days later, still no documentation found…. Menu Skip to primary content. Notify me of new posts by email.

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