FTW3 Logo peel off. View More Photo Galleries. Have a great weekend also. I wasn’t expecting this in AHCI mode. Apart from the warning mentioned above this compiles ok.

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Running sudo setpci -s I restored a bootable SuperDuper! I will try adding something following your dsdt code example and report back.

Pci-e Express to SATA II eSATA IDE Controller Adapter Card Jmb363 Chip Ac697

I downloaded the driver for it but it installs and just disappears. The simplest method to bring the controller online is to set to IDE mode.

What you very helpfully included was one of the possibilities I’d already tried as dsdtjmb. You have loads of other changes in your JMB entry, maybe thats the cause of your problems.

Need to populate JMicron JMB Chip RESOLVED!!! – EVGA Forums

Runtime corruption detected on eSATA, fsck will be forced on next mount. In this mode, Windows should detect the controller as a standard IDE controller sat/aide installing a separate JMicron driver.


Posted October 30, Have a great weekend. NCQ is working here. If you are using the ports for the JMB instead of the Hmb363, the install process should still be the same but you have to make sure to enable the controller and select the appropriate mode in BIOS.

Bridge Controller

Already have an account? Thanks, yes, I should have explained better. You then need to download the latest driver from this location. FTW3 Logo peel off.

Need to populate JMicron JMB362 Chip…. RESOLVED!!!

jmbb363 Posted October 31, Try if it works. After ejecting and turning it off, it also disappears from Harddiskutility. Be sure, I’m patiently waiting the new guide.

Removing almost anything from my existing and over-long Device JMB0 entry seems to result in an error! Then install the driver and reboot when Windows requests. Essentials Only Full Version.

I suspect I may have to go back to IDE mode for stability. You made my day!


Glad to hear you have the controller and drive up and running. All my Intel black ports are populated already. View More Photo Galleries. Posted October 28, What kind of errors you get? Try TheKings suggested changes and report back.

I use just one kext in plust to fix ioata panic. I’m also including the full dsdt. I have a quick question.

So I know it did not install.

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