Hi Rene, see my comment before. Therefore, I chose to set register df[6] to cause the option ROM to quit without detecting drives. Option ROM sets this to either 0xf1 or 0x Hi, I followed the instructions to install this but it doesn’t seem to work. These functions are disabled in the PCIe capability of the Marvell controller. On which front should this be fixed? Wonder what else is missing from the AsMedia products when upgrading from 5.

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JMicron JMB Add-on Card AHCI mode « Blog

Anonymous November 13, at 8: Hi Andreas, This is the output for a Jbm360 Thanks for the excellent job. I’ve got another nVidia one for you: These disks 5 are part of a ZFS zpool. Dmitry November 16, at 5: I already have thoughts moving to Hyper-V uhh.

That being said, would the rest of the drives work or just a single gb after updating? I have no idea why you do not see the disks attached to it if any?! Why can it be?. The thing is that the manul says that it needs to use the chipset Marvell – “88SE”.


Andreas Peetz December 18, at 8: Hi there, This controller did not show up any disk after costumizing my esxi 5. But Esxi is instead i am currently still using 5.

Szabocls Illes March 11, at 6: I remember having read somewhere else that there is a problem with passthrough not working if you have another SATA controller that also uses the ahci driver and is NOT configured for passthrough.

If you want to dive deeper into this then please read my post here: Hi all, I’m ahead with the investigations. Jmidron I have same problem Anonymous wrotten above: Option ROM not enabled by setting df[6], so the disks are not bootable.

The situation is the same on the two Marvell controllers as well as on a add-on card I found using the Marvell controller.

Are you sure that your disks are attached to this controller and not to another one? Shawn February 15, at 5: It is always the same driver that is loaded the generic ahci driver. Blog Random stuff… Comments Posts. jmicronn


Only modifying register df[1: Will collect more feedback during today and build a new version this evening Andreas Peetz February 27, at 8: Does it posible to add support for Realtec NICs?

The ahci driver is loaded for it and it should show up as [vmhba2]. However, I will download your version and give it a try. Andreas, please add support for the Marvell Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs.

JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver problem

Hi Chad, I added the SB in version 1. I get to set up my study lab now.

Thanks to this and a number of your other posts I was able to customize the VMware 5. Thus it seems like setting 0x41[7:

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