An optional side drill or vibrator hammer makes pile driving even more efficient in some soil conditions. The Junttan PMx25 is built for a wider use in piling projects. The telescopic leader ensures easy and fast handling of piles. The PMx20 brings both the classic reliability and modern X technology to reach perfection. Junttan Respecting Ground Learn more about the Junttan product line. Pile 8 kg 17 lb Winch capacity: The safety and comfort of the operator is one of our fundamental priorities.

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A highly flexible crawler drill rig when holes have to be drilled at various angles and different positions. PMx22 The Junttan PMx22 brings the best of what medium-small rigs can offer when it comes to diverse piling projects. The recommended hammer ram weight is from 4, to 5, kg and the maximum pile length is 20 meters 66 ft.

Power Pack 10 CCU.

Power Pack 10 CCU. The rig has proven productivity due to excellent mobility. Because of the compact size the rig can be easily transported to a new working site. Length 4 mm in Undercarriage: The unbeaten robust Junttan design, quality, and productivity. The X-series is available with the latest technology including errcting engines, which ensure fast and safe operations. Junttan PM 20 is a compact piling rig for pile driving timber, pilerriver and concrete piles, and combines lightweight construction with the capacity for heavy-duty pile driving.


Pile Driving Rigs and Piling Equipment | Junttan

Width mm shoes 3 —4 mm — in. The X-series equipment has modern control systems for monitoring and reporting programmes, such as GPS positioning for piles, wireless piling data transfer, and modern Junttan Fleet Management programmes.

The Junttan PMx24 will get you covered when longer piles up to 24m are needed to be driven into the ground. Home Products Pile driving rigs. Junttan Respecting Ground Learn more about the Junttan product line. Junttan Respecting Ground Learn more about the Junttan product line. The expandable tracks, moveable counterweight, and low centre of gravity make the rig exceptionally stable in different working situations.

Junttan pile driving rigs, which are able to take on even the toughest jobs and conditions, are designed and developed to provide the best piledriber production efficiency piledrivwr value for the money in deep foundation solutions for any pile driving purposes; steel, concrete or wooden piles. It features oscillating tracks, a bearing turntable and a choice of drill heads or hydraulic drifters for any types of jobs The HD is an upgraded version of our erwcting HD, with higher juntan engine, also excellent articulation, and ideal machine for high-torque hydraulic drifter of over 3, kgm 25, ft lb torque.

Top eslf driving performance is guaranteed with Junttan hydraulic hammers. Power Pack 10 CCU. In addition to quick set-up, easy transportation is valued advantage as Junttan piling rigs can be transported in one piece from jobsite to another.

The low centre of gravity, expandable tracks and movable counterweight ensure excellent rig stability and this allows greater leader inclinations for raked piling.


Our service and support erectimg, located in eight regional offices throughout the U.

The rig has proven productivity due to excellent mobility. The horizontal movement of the leader ensures fast spotting of the pile.

Length 5 mm Junttan piling driving rigs can be transported without special arrangements in one piece, thanks to their small transport dimensions, and without having to remove the hammer.

Width mm shoes 3 —4 piledrivrr — in Max pile length 24m. The rig has proven productivity due to excellent mobility, easy and fast handling juhttan piles and top pile driving performance with Junttan hydraulic hammers.

Cutting-Edge Deep Foundation Machines

With optional Junttan equipment, optimized working set-up of the rig can be easily achieved. Contact Us How can we help you? This Junttan pile driving rig has the same proven features as the bigger Junttan machines. The ergonomic and safety tested cabin allows the driver to concentrate completely on his work. The recommended ram hammer weight is from 5 to 7 kg 11 lb to 15 lb and the maximum pile juunttan is 22 meters 72 ft.

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