Obviously if the hard drive is not recognised it might be dead or corrupt. Also took note the drive while plugged into power was very warm to the touch. I also like the suggestion of the linux way of trying to save some files. You could try jumper it to SATA 1. Sorry for being so newbie on the questions. Also mentioned was ensuring drivers were loaded in c drive. You will need to set up single drive RAID 0 array.

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If not I would guess I enter the define array and set the 0 array up which does nothing but lets me add a new sata drive to the mix which is the damaged one and not copy any files from the existing hard drive running on the MSI onto it and then hopefully will be able to then read the data I want off of it.

Hard Disk discovered the disk could be bad.

Sqta trying to set it up for the raid on MSI it also showed it as being there but just not able to access it. Sorry for being so newbie on the questions.

One option is to hit ctrl-Y to save this setting which i am guessing to do. I did try sat Ubuntu cd with ASUS and was impressed with it, but running computer with it, it showed drive but did not let me access it so it must be down for the count. Time will not increase the problem if the disk is kept in a cool place.

The size wouldn’t be a problem. Thinking I had to install a new drive no matter what, I bought a new sata drive and went into the array setup and was able to add it as a drive and recognize it.


Plugged it into the SER1 on my board and booted up. After picking auto setup the first option is Performance but it states I can change this but will not allow me to change to the security array for copying. Do not have the floopy that came with board although i did buy it new and would not matter because I do not have a floopy drive attached to machine. Thank you all for the responses and help.

Double check ‘Drive Assignment’ that it shows: Sorry if long winded but just want to make sure. I wanted to set up sata on my MSI motherboard computer so i could read a damaged drive that is having issues from another computer and save the data.

I also like the suggestion of the linux way of trying to save some files. To get the ser1 input to work by doing this array thing seems to be confusing or am I not setting up the array correctly? I think what will happen now is install windows again and then make the bad drive a second and use some type of data recovery program to try and get the data my wife needs back.

I did not mention that the error I get from the wifes computer is during boot up the warning is S. You are correct Sharp about it setting up at the cluster size of 64 KB and was not aware it could hurt the existing drive with info on it.

Ok, set it up in the array settings on boot.

MSI K7N2 DELTA2-FSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra Overview – CNET

I am guessing I need to change some settings to hopefully get board to recognize sat but not sure which ones. I thought this feature was suppose to warn me about issues about to happen and give me the chance to save things? You posted while I was still typing but as mentioned above it seems you need to download the drivers if you don’t have the floppy.


Never rely on HDD for permanent storage of important stuff. If booting satq the disk is not required I don’t think you need floppy, and I understood it like you wanted an emergency back-up with the data over to Daddy’s disk. The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which is what I do not want to do.

Suspicious Activity Detected

I tried to attach it to my trusty K7N2 board on my personal computer and do a check on the disk and see if I can get back any data which is very precious. And making the single drive false raid 0 array would be done in the advanced bios settings? I would guess the drivers not installed controls this correct? You will then need to settle which disk to boot from – not a big issue. You will need to set up single drive RAID 0 array.

Under define array it gives first line as array 1 and then you select the Raid Mode, total drives capacity and status for the array 1.

Instead of trying to get it to work in your PC there is another option. It is a RAID setup.

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