The first ‘toy’ I can remember reading about was the networked soda machine and the networked elevator I need references. Another thing I noticed that every task that wants to access the parallel port i. I’m still working on the ECM, I’ve run out of serial ports and I’m working on getting a terminal server working. The test succeeded i. Here are two pictures of the wheels with gear: My current setup is sendmail sending via my Google Mail account.

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After some debugging with my first steps of DDD, the Linux debugger I got it running when the wheels were not touching the ground!!! If a batteryLevel message is received and the batteryLevel is below a threshold, it shuts down the system.

See Dan’s pages for further details, thanks Dan. I had a working setup with my 1 and 1 service but I’m missing something important and I can’t get that working anymore. We develop panel and control software on off-the-shelf hardware and integrate with a variety of protocols in the field.

As you can see, I also exchanged the wheels without tires for wheels with tires to increase the grip. I prefer it that way.


Kenneth’s Custom Kernel for Velleman K8000 on Fedora Core 4

So I paused this path for now and decided to move on to another path: This message can contain the specific key when it is a “special” key, such as Q for QuitA for switching between Automatic mode and Manual mode; will be explained later and some others e. If a task wants to write a message to the log file, it calls a dedicated function, that runs in the context of this calling task.

His code allows the devices to pick up more than just one house code.

When it is lower than a certain threshold the robot should automatically shut down. The robot wheels are not optimized for minimal frictionso that is my next linuux M4 are connected to the K A. The battery voltage is checked every 30 seconds by reading the value of an ADC. If someone can help me I would be very greatfull.

Velleman K & Linux HOWTO: Introduction

On the photo below you can see how the wheels and the bearings are attached now. So for a while I own a Velleman k kit. We the authors and I do not provide any warranty at all.

This seems ideal for the job.

Projet K Midi controller | Renaud Warnotte on internet

This website only use harmless session cookies. In the end I want to make my robot autonomous, so it decides itself what to do.


While searching for some more information I found this blog called Desert Home. This worked, but because the motor was all the time powered, it became quite warm. I was able to make 2 independent wheels so it can turn left and right.

The test succeeded i.

In Manual mode it waits until a key is received from the keyboard and it reacts on that until another key is pressed. Ideal for this job since one can extend it easily. Now one of these had to be connected to the K board to replace the V power supply. Also I would like to know whether K is about to be discontinued? Pie’s Blog Another geek blog. All these tasks can write to the log file.

The GP2D12 has 3 connectors: Then the was the Internet Coffee machine with a web camera to watch it and the Internet refrigerator. I powered it up and this also worked directly.

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