Where did it go? I drive the ball about but sometimes I will hit it way too high and can’t snap a good line drive to save my life. The best way to measure how high to tee the golf ball up, aim to have just under half the golf ball visible over the top edge of the golf club. I feel left out. To steep of a downswing is usually the cause of a sky shot. Lastly, any chance the ball is too far forward in your stance? Instead of producing a fat shot, the clubhead will proceed to travel underneath the ball and will catch it on the top line or the crown of the club.

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Problem – When hitting wood shots off the tee, the ball hits the top of the golf club and shoots up into the sky producing no distance and accuracy. Although the position of your right knee might seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference to the length of your swing — and in turn, it can help you stop skying the driver. Immediately after skying your driver, you will likely start to think of a long sjying of possible causes for this bad shot.

A long backswing is the cause of many problems on the golf course, so finding a way to shorten your overall motion should lead to great results. A lack of lower body skyig in the downswing can usually be spotted by watching the finish position. It seems pretty backwards but I have struggled with hitting it too high and tried other drivers with less loft but I found that it was more skhing the strike and the strikee than the equipment.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

Sign in Already have an account? Key points – Your sternum middle of chest ideally wants to be slightly tilted back away from the target at address and also at impact so that the golf club’s angle of attack is hitting more up on the ball. If you believe that your driver issues are being caused by teeing the ball too high, you should be able to fix this problem pretty quickly and easily.

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If you are fighting a long swing, and you are skying your driver as a result, it is a good idea to focus some practice time on how your right knee is working in the swing. BaldTexan 63 years old.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air | Golf Distillery

Want to hide this ad? To avoid skyinh, as well as additional strokes being added to your score, it is important that you fix your problem with skying the driver right away. This is a problem that you will need to solve in order to get your ball around the course with confidence from the first tee to the last green. By iacasAugust 30, in Welcome, Everyone.

It is important that you have a good understanding of skying the driver, and a good plan for how to fix the problem, so that your confidence isn’t damaged keep repair. Specifically, the reason that it can be so difficult to adjust the length of your swing is that your timing will be affected.

Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

Using long clubs such as a driver or a fairway wood command that you use a flatter swing, in contrast to a very steep one. Once you understand how your lower body can power the swing by rotating hard toward the target, you should be able to repeat that motion over and over again.


BrandonG2 35 years old. I had a reg flex in a driver a few years ago and I skied that thing to death. Next, make a pretend golf swing without a club while your friend holds the club against the outside of your right knee. Posted May 5, Stand up in your golf posture as if you were going to hit a shot — but don’t have a club in your hand.

As a rule, the perfect tee height depends on the depth of the club face. Fall colors pre peak. I also agree, driver should be swung in a sweeping motion.

If you have been going along playing a good round skyign be to interrupted by this shocking mistake, your confidence may not recover right away. Ideally, we would want to just have our head behind the ball at impact. I’m a Police Officer. It lets me know i’m making a flat swing.

Having the ball too low to the ground on a driver swing is even worse than having it too high, so you need to learn how to strike a perfect balance.

The following scenarios can explain why a sky shot occurred and may akying you pinpoint the specific cause. You don’t want to be changing things in your swing that don’t need to be changed in the first place, so placing blame on the correct part of your technique is crucially important.

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. Did you also make sure to tilt your spine slight away from target?

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