Korg furthermore disclaims all responsibilities for direct, derivative, collateral or consequential damages caused by the use of or the inability of using the Third Party Software including but not limited to damage of data, lost commercial profit, interruption of work, lost commercial information , regardless of the degree of damages, and even if Korg was aware of the possibility of such damages in advance. This agreement takes effect on the date you have received the Licensed Program. Trs super good sound headphones. This agreement is governed by and construed under the local law of the country where this product has been purchased. In such event you must destroy the Licensed Program and its backup copy immediately. Connectivity enough complte, but I would have more apprci a line out Stereo Phono

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The built in rhythm tracks are also great, at least as a tool.

Korg reserves the right to amend any such policies from time to time in its absolute discretion. It’s a shame because the same unit with mp3 less compression would have been perfect. The biggest dificult LIEA PXR4 use is in viewing the pieces, but at the same time it would take a computer to have it all under the eyes, so it’s not so much as morg dfau a!

The software conversion mp2 to wav or mp3 is not provided, it must be to download. In the event that there is any physical defect in the disk storage device, etc. The Licensed Program contains copyrighted information.

Micro Intgr not as bad as some! USB transfer to PC without difficulty. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


You may not transfer the Licensed Program to another computer through tonewroks network. It has a built-in condenser mic that works wonderfully for both voice and acoustic guitar no, it’s not like having a great studio mic running through a Neve pre-amp, but come on You hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the aforementioned territory, without regards to conflicts of law provisions.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. But ultimately, by its limitations, this machine led to work more with the old and rely less on the many options offered by the computer. It’s so small that it always catches people off guard when they see it.

This sometimes gives its charm to a piece that will have made more spontaneous.

My wife’s discman takes up more room. Number of tracks trs enough for me!

Now it may soon be sleeping in a drawer when I found his replacement. The other great thing about it, considering the price krg the fact that it’s only a 4-track, is that I know I’ll feel no guilt when it comes time to upgrade to a recording unit with more tracks and such. Korg provides no warranty in relation to any Third Party Software supplied and all warranties whether express or implied as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the Third Party Software or any part of the same are in so far as may be permitted by law hereby excluded.

More mp2 format is really too “bastard” and involves a conversion to mp3 afterwards.

Korg Toneworks Pxr4 Multitrack Recorder

After, I’m using that with the microphone, I do not register with me directly connecting in with my guitar. In such event you must destroy the Licensed Program and its backup copy immediately.


Our members also liked: The built in guitar effects are okay–for my stated purpose of quickly getting song ideas sketched out they’re perfect, especially the “bass” simulator–I can get a bass track down without changing anything but the effect.

It’s true that it takes time to become familiar with the key combinations and the different menu pages, but after a few uses, people come here pretty well. It’s just so lightweight that it’s difficult to believe that it’ll be as good as it is.

Before, I had a Fostex multitrack cassette, not bad, but it must store the tape, and then it wears out in force to re-register.

User reviews: Korg ToneWorks PXR4 – Audiofanzine

Tooneworks it is still quite full many guitar effects and mastering, cutting tracks, overdubs Most of this, though, reflects more on my lack of digital sophistication than on any real problems with the unit. It happened to me to save the train as it works with battery. The support referred to in this clause 7 is limited to the products purchased from an authorized retailer, distributor or download from the Korg website. Also, this utility program can convert any and all Virtual Tracks at the same time.

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