When you use a tool to draw on the screen, both you and the remote user can see what you’ve drawn. If we run it with users logged in, they will get prompted to delete files after a reboot, because the DLLs are in use and can not be deleted. This allows the remote control mirror driver to behave in a standard way that can cause fewer problems on devices. These don’t compress well and take time to transfer over slower connections. Contact us about this article. Once you’ve taken control of a remote device, its screen appears in the viewer window. This is because the agent is no longer able to report status back to the core.

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So in this case ending the process for issuer. In essence, this works as though you’ve mapped a drive to the remote device.

What else could be happening? You can only transfer files to or from devices that have the remote control agent installed. Are you the publisher? You can use the remote control viewer to remotely chat with a user at a mirdor device. Keyboard and mouse is greyed out.

How can Uninstall LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver – Windows Error Repair Instructions

Message was edited by: Go to original post. The article will include standard methods for removal but it will also include steps to thoroughly check mieror manually remove services, files, drivers, etc that may be left behind when an application becomes corrupted.


This section describes problems you may encounter when remote controlling a device and possible solutions.

Use the remote control viewer to remotely access a device. If you’re using certificate-based security, use this option to specify the core server to authenticate with. Popular Discussion Threads in Remote Control. It can be run from that share or copied to the local client and executed.

I’m primarily looking for an easy way to either disable or remove the uninwtall driver from all of our clients through LANDesk. Has anyone come across this? Use the Run box on the viewer toolbar to enter the remote program’s path and filename.

Disabling or Removing the LANDesk Remote Contro | Ivanti User Community

The computer is on SP3. Articles on this Page showing articles to of It is very common for people encountering some troubles while they are going to uninstall LANDesk Remote Control Mirroe Driver on the computer, such as program still can be found on the PC after the removal, or it does not allow to uninstall and etc.

You can only remotely reboot devices that have the remote control agent installed.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. You also need to make sure the domain accounts for all remote control operators are in the Remote control operators group in the Remote control agent configuration page. You can also use the line thickness and line color drop-down lists to change how your drawings will look. When you activate a viewer task, the interface for that task appears in the viewer window.


The upgrade will take place overnight, so there can be zero user interaction. See command names mkrror. Remote control viewer is not installed properly.

Ivanti User Community : Popular Discussions – Remote Control

What we want is only allow approved administrator to remote control the PC without permission while the rest of the LANDESK operator follows the normal procedures user gets prompt uninnstall ask for remote control access. Depending on how you’ve configured the remote control agent on managed devices, users on a device that’s being remote controlled can double-click the remote control status mirtor in the Windows system tray and see the computer name and user name of the administrator that is remotely controlling them.

Browsing All Articles Articles. Correct Answers – 20 points. These don’t compress well and take time to transfer over slower connections. From ldlogon on the core you can run the following.

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