A mockingbird lands easily, tauntingly, between the glinting blades of coiled razor wire that shrouds the top of the fence. Eventually, they decided we were all right and they let us in. We felt a profile of Larry Veeder was appropriate. Then we came to the Rochester Zen Center. Anyone who drinks and drives has no right to complain about the actions or culpability of anyone else. Other guys wanted my collection of books, any extra batteries or stamps, extra toilet paper.

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I start into the longest stretch of the walk.

Blinker, death and redemption

Now how did that vfeder I asked why he had spent a whole week in an orange grove. I kept at it. Eventually, everyone seemed to be finished, and it was my turn. Fate sometimes directs one to do things, and this was one of those times. This time, it was different.

I had experienced a few run-ins with the law, but had so far been lucky. I sat on a barstool and Channel Five cut to the mug shot.

Our daughter just turned four this July. This is actually the third time this month Cornbread has been placed in segregation poor guy.


I opted for the highway. I had given up on meditation, or rather, my life took multiple turns away from that particular path. Gammon said he could not comment on Veeder’s case because he is in negotiations with prosecutors. Again, it was different than anything I had seen on television. I first encountered meditation when I was around eleven or twelve years old. The earth that the buildings rest on, cooled by their looming shadows, is just earth.

We all hate to see him go hungry.

Also, when I saw images of people doing meditation on television, or talk to other guys about meditation on the yard, they would all appear to be so into it. Keep your fingers drujk for him. It mattered whether or not it rained that morning to someone. It should be opening up in a few short years.

Then he meets me. He nodded to his partner, who gave a knowing nod back. In the small courtroom, there was standing room only, the sound of quiet sobs and low comforting murmurs.

When it finally did, there was one single spontaneous clap. One nice thing about this place is the stories. There was a new guard training in the gun tower. I get out of the van.


L. Robert Veeder – The Prison Sketches

I have suggestions on how we could practically eliminate drinking and driving, but really, I know that this would involve changes that as a culture we are simply not willing to make. Here’s some straight from the jar: I tried swerving, tried to miss, but it was too late. In fact, deunk was something that I did as often as not. This drunken fool had run into a worst-case scenario, an earlier accident at the dimly lit, un-signaled intersection famous for wrecks.

I just could not stop in time. Then, he would go back to his cell and repeat them, over and over, committing them to memory. Along with the waves of sorrow and loss, there was one emotion I felt that day that I didn’t expect.

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