Frontline can easily build you something lairier in appearance but you won’t get that with an LE50 badge and the same level of British Motor Heritage endorsement. The geometry makes it seem higher geared than it is, helped by the optional, and remarkably natural-feeling, electric power steering, which is a column-powering kit by EZ. Wires are a no-cost option, if you want to take this even further. Especially as, to be extra-sure, this one is seam-welded too. As well as its extra urge, the Plus gets tougher brake pads, a plate-type limited-slip diff from Tran-ex part of Quaife , an upshift light triggered at rpm rpm shy of the rev limit and a lower ride height by 20mm up front and 15mm at the rear. But could you really consider one of these over a Porsche Cayman? It’s a liberating feeling, this back-turning on the way today’s cars have become, and hard to justify objectively.

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All panel gaps are symmetrical, every blemish eradicated. Wires are a no-cost option, if you want to take this even further. But this is the most ambitious project yet: Which in this case is to deliver a car that looks to all intents and purposes like a classic MGB, yet goes like the absolute clappers.

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It’s a liberating feeling, this back-turning on the way today’s cars have become, and hard to justify objectively. Visible seams are spirited away and the rear side window apertures get bigger flanges, to take seals better able to banish wind noise. Enquire about MG LE Substance too, in the claim of 4. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


And then you meet a fast corner on the open, undulating, sweeping road along which you have been pointing the MG’s pale metallic green nose. Frontline’s Tim Fenna has seen mph on the accurate speedometer at the end of the Bruntingthorpe test track’s straight, with the LE50 Plus still accelerating, so there’s substance to the mph claim.

But this MGB produces bhp at rpm from its 2. Porsche Carrera S car review: There’s naturally more wind noise and less torsional rigidity than a modern performance car, and the initial body movement when turning into corners is a little soft, but it is quickly apparent that the steering assistance is accurately weighted, the damping very nicely judged and the car isn’t going to bite if you throw it around a little.

MG Motor LE50 review

One look at the complex electrical system, as laid bare l50 production, is proof of that. Customer car number one is going to Miami. This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use.

So the car does float and pitch a bit on back roads if you use all the power.

Definitely not numbers. The RV8 had a 3. Painting is handled by a local specialist seven weeks per car Heritage shell means no butchered donor Modern twist Frontline has chosen to use a tweaked Mazda MX-5 unit. Brakes, as you would hope, are hefty discs all round. If you can bear to forsake the engines own pe50, you may want to turn on the premium JL stereo system.

The speedometer is similarly enhanced, reading up to mph. I wonder why they chose an I4, and a relatively modest one at that. The seats are custom-built around your very own torso. The suspension is fully adjustable, allowing you to choose your own ideal set up for performance and comfort, putting you firmly in the driving seat.


Will it count as a classic for tax and insurance purposes? Thankfully, like the instruments, these control modern components – including air conditioning, heated seats and a heated front windscreen, if you le5 them. Surprisingly, the steering retains the original MGB rackwith the relatively slow gearing needed for a lack of power assistance.

MG LE50 – Frontline Developments

Litchfield Alpine A UK review. The MGB has never looked, or driven, so well Old spice Confronted with the LE50 for the first time, you’re reminded just how pretty the MGB actually is, with an elegance that’s almost period Ls50.

It has near-perfect weight distribution across all four wheels too, with a slight bias towards the rear.

Wow 50K for a mazda in grandads clothing is alot! Like the original but a whole lot better too Sing it loud All of which is only made more invigorating by the stupendous sound of the engine – a mellow, bellowing yowl that’s led by induction rather than exhaust.

At the back, the live axle stays but is properly located with four links and a Panhard rod and sprung, again, by Avo coilovers.

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