Since they are set flush with the phone, we had trouble dialing by feel. Simply slip the camera onto the TRails, rotate the camera into position, push on the lock button, and you are good to go. It’s not a huge hindrance, but it can definitely become tiresome after a while. I talk for hours and I still see full charge and recharging takes a few minutes. Apr 5, Market status:

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This phone sound like it would be great. Why would you want to distort a picture using a digital zoom when you have set the phone to the highest resolution? For those of you who had problems with the fusic, it was mostly music problems.

I have set up the music transmitter channel on the phone and tunned in my stereo to the same station. It hasn’t slowed down at all, it’s had no technical issues, and every feature is working as well as the day I bought it.

Play around with your phone, chances are the answers are in there. I’d sit my phone on the dashboard and listen to tunes through the car radio. The call quality seemed to be only decent — while the calls were certainly clear, the service provided by Sprint seemed to result in poor signals.

I have had this phone for a few weeks now and it is a blast! The most distinctive feature on the front flap of the LG LX are the round music controls that let you access the music player and Sprint’s music store when the phone is closed. When downloading songs, applications and games, the process takes mere seconds for a file to transfer over. The LG Fusic currently has an Informr score of 6.


LG Fusic Reviews

Loading my phone to the computer and dragging songs into the media files won’t work, if I try and sync it in the Windows Media player it says I’m only allowed to put on 12 songs and then my card is full – then those 12 won’t even sync because of an error?

I bought my latest one as a fsic for someone. With support for 65, colors 96×96 pixelsit’s one of the better external screens we’ve seen on a cell phone. Its an incredible phone overall, I would recommend it. The camera takes great resolution photos worthy of print, not just emailing to Grandma. I carefully researched phones before i purchased the fusic. I can’t use my memory card, it just get’s really hot and freezes my phone when I try.

However, if you’re planning on using the phone as a lc mp3 player, this would be a fine choice to make. Honestly- I mostly have good things to say about this phone.

LG Fusic User Reviews

Or a way to get them? For now, however, an Apple iPhone is only a rumor, and thus we’re taking a look at an mp3 phone that really does exist, the LG Fusic. I am an LG girl, so I bought a Bliss.


Talk time – As rated by manufacturer. I have had the phone for a week now and I am strongly thinking about taking pf back.

It’s been dropped in ffusic puddles, had a tree fall on it, been tossed against concrete and brick walls, it even fell into wet cement After reading the previous reviews and seeing some complaints, I have to say that my phone has no complaints.

FM Transmiter Headphones connector: The mobile world cp finally get exciting again in You can llg the backlighting time and the font size but not the brightness, and as with most cell phone displays, it’s difficult to see in direct light.

You may also like. With no market leader yet established, the mp3-phone market is still wide open. It uses satellites in order to detect your location. Skip to main content. The music player sounded more like a small boombox than an old alarm clock emitting static which would drive E.

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