I would have preferred a slightly rougher texture to cope with sweaty hands but I have any problems throughout the review. An extremely quiet use of the netbook is possible with an aligned energy management and the surface temperatures always stay within a limit. Despite the attractive, sleek styling and excellent keyboard improving on what was already a fairly desirable netbook in its MSI Wind incarnation, LG’s X falls down by costing as much as other 10in netbooks that offer more battery life. Almost every manufacturer has them in their series. These didn’t only appear especially delicate ; they couldn’t prevent an observable luffing of the display when in motion, either.

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The speakers don’t give reason for joy. This should be barely ever achieved in the classic application areas of the netbook, though. Preis mangelhaft Single Review, online available, Short, Date: However, it’s only available to buy on a month contract, and the fact that it has poor battery notebooo means you won’t be able to take full advantage of its wireless capabilities.

There’s no surprise in the offered connections of the X The very delicately molded display hinges can be considered a bit of a problem in this notebookk. Unfortunately, the end to end key belonging to the touchpad has to be critisized, having a large dead zone. We were allowed to take a closer look at the sandwich alternative in the test.


The X is currently the only netbook offered from LG. The key sizing and spacing is very similar to a fullsize keyboard, noteboik little time to adapt switching from my ThinkPad. LG X Average Score: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

The keyboard could score due to its size, as well as, because of its pleasant typing feeling, in the test.

The keyboard is easy to type on and very spacious for a netbook of this size. Once opened I found out that the only component you can upgrade is the 2. The touchpad surprisingly showed an almost squarish layoutvery untypical for a netbook of this size.

LG X110 Laptop Tech Specifications

The X is a stylish new netbook from LG, which offers stylish portability and optional 3G wireless for internet access anywhere you might venture. That’s the first point of critique for the X in this regard: LG claims the wide keyboard lf the X reduces errors and gives the user a more enjoyable typing experience.

Music pleasure is practically impossible with them. LG sets on design of the noteboook mentioned variations. In the following editorial, you can discover where its strengths – but also its weak points are.

LG X – External Reviews

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Techradar Nootebook netbook has the looks, but does it have the brains too? But that’s not enough.


The display lid is covered with a black high gloss finish on its outside. With its headquarters in South Korea, the company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide that design and manufacture televisions, home appliances, and telecommunications devices. If it weren’t for the curiously poor battery performance, we’d have been happy to award the LG Netbook X our Recommended badge.

The 3-cell batterywhich gives the X merely a moderate battery runtimepg off only slightly better. The LG X offers the usual netbook basic ports as connections. Mobile Computer Finally, a decent netbook with built-in 3G, but the ridiculous full-contract price makes the LG X very poor value.

All current 10 inch netbooks offer a very similar keyboard with only small differences. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: LG used automotive quality paint on the exterior shell of the notebook, top and bottom, that is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. This is the same memory module as used in our test of the netbook competitor from Samsung, the NC You can configure and purchase it here, as well.

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