You can currently add ringtones and pictures through Get It Now , for a fee. The Verizon Wireless site is at www. You can set the phone to only supply information for calls, or for all calls. All the extra functionality means bigger phones, more layers and confusion in the menus, external display turned off when phone closed to save power etc. Sun Jul 11, 5: The browser can support 3 different WAP proxies, with easy switching between them.

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You can also use the CVS version it’s a bit nicerbut it takes some work that I don’t want to get into here. Note that you will only be able to use it as a modem in digital reception.

Software & Drivers

LG vx Bitpim version: Hold down to go back to your home page. Thu Jan 29, 6: Gagin also lets you do it with an assortment of patches and other utility programs if you want to touch the bare metal yourself. Make sure you save a moeem copy of the file.

Watch out for carriers disabling functionality eg Verizon likes to disable a lot of Bluetooth functionality. Choose Advanced – Homepage and write the value of your current homepage.


Thu Sep 02, 1: Wed Jul 07, 3: This tool is preferred by the cracker community. You can read more modej cables and drivers in the BitPim online help. You can preview your site using Opera as it has builtin support for WML.

You will be charged as according to your plan. You can however see open source code for accessing them in the Bitpim source code repository. Here are some links with various opinions and facts on the whole matter:. You can do some more advanced customizations such as removing the Verizon Wireless banner. There are no known services yet beyond that mosem use the information.

LG VX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With compression, the vx440 throughput you will get is I have not yet tried uploading back to this phone. The actual modem is in Verizon’s network, not your phone. I’d like to post my success and info on this topic too.

You can all see important settings by pressing – Settings. Thu Sep 23, 1: Keystrokes Can I browse for free?


You can currently add ringtones and pictures through Get It Nowfor a fee. Enter service settings please read the disclaimers there. There are others that provide the service for a fee cheaper than Verizon.

You do however get the reassurance that each program has been verified to be l.

Fri Jan 06, 1: It can manipulate your phonebook, calendar, wallpapers and ringtones, as well access the phones internal filesystem. This means that it is extremely unlikely you will see freeware programs available.

US Cellular customers have the service code different on every phone.

LG VX Cellular Phone Driver download – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

Your best bet is look in the discussion forums for up to date IP addresses and experiences. Note Verizon never did make J2ME available. PhoneScoop is an independent site with technical information and reviews.

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