Thanks for the replies! Originally Posted by thorkelljarl a dual-core CPU with a higher actual frequency will give you better performance for most uses of linux than a triple or quad core CPU with a lower actual frequency but greater computational power. If so, why radeon driver does work with such BIOS? I came across your article since I had tearing issues on Ubuntu I think it was Mint Broadcom Limited BCM Luck Last edited by thorkelljarl; at If you do this, you actually get better quality products.

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I use the setup as a myth box and am fairly happy with it. During my research I came across your post. Maybe I just have bad luck with buying whole computers, I’ve tended to get lemons, while buying parts I’ve tended to do well.

AMD 780G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

I think it might have saved me qmd lot of time. I would like to see the benchmarks done with the dedicated memory slot for the GFX used. Unlike Nvidia cards they actually implement the GL spec to the letter. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

But what if I also want the Vulkan runtime? I came across your article since I had tearing issues on Ubuntu I think it was Mint For definitive Linux support info on HP Desktops, check their certification matrix.


I am liinux fan of linux, and I only install windows just because of Counter Strike 1. But there is no organisation you can perform a joint operation with, unless it operates as an organisation.

Linux and the Amd 780G chipset

I may switch back to opensource drivers if freeze problem persist. The SDK can be downloaded from: I already had all of that in my config file except for the tear free part… added that and am now watching The Grand Tour in p without tearing nice!

The key here is the TearFree option. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. In case you missed this, installation instruction clearly states ljnux completely open stack is recommended in all cases besides Pro cards, which include Mesa as OpenGL implementation.

Linux and the Amd G chipset – – An Overclocking Community

I appreciate the general hardware selection advice, also; is the reasoning behind getting a faster processor with fewer cores that most processes on a home system would only take advantage of a single core anyway, and would have to be distributing threads between them to do otherwise?

I don’t play games at all on my Linux system and I don’t watch videos on it much, so I don’t know at what point in gaming or watching videos you would see the difference between onboard graphics and a good graphics card. Legacy stack and nvidia doesn’t have same issue because developers of this drivers adjust driver to app or per-applications basis, even if application is at fault of some particular rendering issue or crash.


And that is just nasty. My stack was Personally these days I stay away from AMD graphics, though it may be swearing in the church. If AMD developers need access to such a machine, ok, let they run test drivers, programs, etc.

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ljnux This file is automatically generated by mhwd with the following content:. You can run this command to find out for sure: I found this article in the Arch Wiki https: It takes significant extra effort to program an application to use multiple threads and most applications don’t. In my case it doesn’t work, for 2 years it has never worked at my laptop under any tried Linux.

Distributed Computing – General. Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. Notify me of new posts via email. In any case, this doesn’t add respect to fglrx. You might want to check.

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