Foregolf build your clubs. Highly recommend going to see these guys. I would highly recommend a visit to ForeGolf to anyone seeking to improve their game – not just the pros! Overall im looking so forward to the season ahead for a few reasons. Furthermore the whole team is so nice and friendly.

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It is supposed to have 2 lie settings, standard and 2 degrees upright.

Foregolf staff are ‘Excellent’ Very competent group! Will definitely recommend Settinggs for anyone playing golf regularly no matter what your handicap. I really enjoyed my experience at foregolf where I finally enjoyed the sensation of getting a fairway wood airborne with intent!

However when it got it I was wasn’t hitting it as well as my old driver. These guys a skilled craftsmen with a real depth of knowledge on the engineering of golf settingd. Well worth a visit if your looking to improve your game.

He then worked on strike, control and dispersion. Cheers GuysSo finally went to foregolf for a driver fitting recently after hearing a lot of great reviews. I wish you continued success. Improve your consistency by doing this.

TaylorMade R1 Driver, how to avoid getting it wrong

I cannot recommend the custom fitting services at foregolf enough. My Golf has improved so much from my fitting.


I have been looking to change my driver. The place is like a Willy Wonka factory for golfers. Settijgs to Foregolf at the end of may.

TM R1 Driver adjustment question?

We got chatting and I instantly knew I made a good choice. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

We whittled down the list of shafts, lies, grips etc. Their attention to detail is excellent. TaylorMade R1 Driver Review loose leaf mayo clinic symptoms bcaa’s bonito flakes natural remedies for acne what is a cyst arthritis knee maca benefits vit d abdominal bloating hershey’s hot logt lion’s mane.

The above account is our experience.

Really looking forward to coming down to foregolf in march for the second go and seeing how much those numbers change. First we met a smiling Don who was cleaning the glass door. Read our Privacy Policy.

They use Trackman and there is no hard sell, if they can’t out perform your existing clubs then they don’t push a sale on you. My woods were generally OK, but he fine-tuned the settings to give a better ball flight and straighter. The wedges are awesome It was very good and exactly what I expected and wanted. Now if I were to put these features in order of importance, I would say that the loft adjustment is the most important, then the face angle and finally the weights.


Slight adjustment to technique along with the new irons has resulted in huge improvements in my game: I went back again this week to get fitted for irons. Just to be certain I just used this new tool called google and found lots and lots of pictures of the R1 weight ports with clearly visible markings on the weights.

TM R1 Driver adjustment question? | Golf Monthly

I can’t wait to try out my new clubs on the course! I want it to be as flat as possible, so standard lie. No way would I buy off the shelf now I have experienced the difference. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they done for me in 1r the last 5 years, my only regret is I didn’t discover them sooner.

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