Logitech’s mouse page Buy stuff! All three of the MX-series mouses, like other MouseWare-afflicted products I’ve seen, had weird scroll-wheel behaviour when MouseWare was running. Suddenly, they’re making products that don’t wear out. The MX series mouses aren’t dirt cheap, and their software could be better, but you can work around the problems, and they’re otherwise great. Cordless mouses need batteries, and most of them aren’t rechargeable; changing batteries is a pain. This new function allows you to quickly cycle through open apps. But the MX , uniquely among cordless mouses so far, is smooth and speedy.

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You can see the cursor skipping across the screen. So, for games, I think you’ll find the MX mohse as a regular two-buttons-plus-wheel mouse. So let’s check out the next MX. The removable battery door lets you exchange the MX ‘s batteries if you want, but most people will have no need to, possibly for years.

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

By that I mean one of the PC editors. But the MXuniquely among cordless mouses so far, is smooth and speedy.

They just won’t show up at all, or they’ll be an “unknown keycode”, or something.

I also obviously use a md300 spread of general office programs. You just drop the mouse into the receiver, tail first, to charge it.

Run MouseWare by itself without using the abovementioned Tweak UI workaround and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to use any recent Logitech mouse’s extra buttons, or even its scroll wheel, in games.

Microsoft’s Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, for logitecg reviewed hereseems to have a sample rate of about 35Hz.


The buttons work very well; mx3000 too heavy, not too light. There’s a little green light on top of the mouse that tells you its charge state. So I’m in the dark about what, if anything, the megapixel number means.

Logitech MX – mouse – PS/2, USB Overview – CNET

Those numbers don’t match any product listed on the Agilent Semiconductor Products site all Agilent seem to say about it on their site is this piece of pufferybut I logitexh presume the chip to be an ultra-hyper-special Logitech-only product. Quick-switch takes up more screen space than the regular Alt-Tab interface, which allows it to show you full window titles, but it’s not exactly a must-have feature.

The older IntelliMouse Explorer 3. The only time the MX was unhappy was when I tried to use it on my freshly logjtech glass table.

Logitech MX 300 – mouse Series

This would all be for naught if the MX wasn’t fast and accurate. The only problem with the MX is that it only costs about five bucks less than the MX And for speed, the mouse can track up to 40 inches per second.

No ball, no moving parts, nothing to gum mousw or wear out. The MX series mouses aren’t dirt cheap, and their software could be better, but you can work around the problems, and they’re otherwise great.

Beforeall “optical” mouses needed a special mousepad to work well, they needed one to work well ; the ones with non-reflective mats would generally kind of work on a newspaper photo. Give Dan some money! Basically, I’ve been able to really put the MX through the wringer. The MXthough, has something close to Logitech’s basic symmetrical mouse shape; it’s very close in shape to their classic First Mouse Plus.


It’s Hz Hertz, samples per second.

Logitech Mx Optical Mouse USB MX | eBay

The shape’s the same, but the plastic’s different; the MX ‘s shinier than its cheaper cousin. Once again, you need peel off no feet.

The same Explorer 3. Aus PC Market don’t sell the MX-series mice, mouses or meeses any more, but their mouse lineup of course includes all of Logitech’s current products, including the G5which replaces the MX If a cordless mouse appeals to you for other reasons, though – for controlling your lounge-room or business-presentation PC from across the room, for instance, or just because you hate cables – then the MX isn’t a budget priced option, but it’s a sleek, stylish, well-made one that works well, given the abovementioned MouseWare limitations.

One smooth piece of plastic bifurcates into the left and right button areas, with the wheel in the middle. In games, though – especially 3D action games – you there’s a use for high mouse speed and fine control. If you just want the funkier looking mouse, mind you, the Explorer fights a gallant rearguard with its logitecy red tail-light, but really can’t compete with the seamless Star Trek slickitude of the MX The side buttons are easy to use, but mkuse easy to press by accident, and they have the same basic large-rear, small-front layout as the IntelliMouse Explorers use.

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