Remove the back cover of the Rumblepad 2 and insert two AA batteries into the designated slots. Feb 27, 6: I wish there was an option inside the game itself to configure the buttons for a different controller then whatever controller you have this game set up for by default.. Several other games that use a controller work flawlessly, including Geometry Wars 3 and Spelunky. The InControl library what I’m using to read controllers specifically says it supports it.

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Great job Allicorn, I can finally play this game with a twin stick controller Still don’t know why my Dualshock4 wasn’t working, but I am fine with the RumblePad 2.

Feistykitten View Profile View Posts. Tips Rumhle the controller and receiver are not making a connection when you push a button on your controller, press the “Connect” button on the receiver and then press any button on the controller. My confusion comes with why it doesn’t work if the little program called InputMapper supposedly changes the movements and button presses so that the PC reads everything as it was an Xbox controller already.

The controller library we use supports some 40 or so controllers but evidently not yours. Actually I just saw that your game supports the PS4 controller, which I have several of as we own two PS4 systems, heh. Thanks for your help! If you give me steps on how to change a configuration file, please explain it all in detail for me if you could!


How to Hook Up a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

With any luck, this is going to get the game to support your Rumblepad 2. All Rumblepad 2 controllers includes this disc in the packaging.

The InControl library what I’m using to read controllers specifically says it supports it. I have a Logitech F myself which is almost exactly the same and that works. I can move pacj cursor around the screen on Heckabomb using the Dualshock4 touchpad, but the sticks and buttons don’t seem to do anything at all.

Thanks for your feedback guys Last edited by Zaxtor99 ; Mar 8, 2: A Quick Look Video. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

How to Hook Up a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 | It Still Works

Originally posted by zaxtor All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Warning If the light on your Cordless Rumblepad 2 is slowing blinking green and your controller is not responding, there is no connection between your controller and the receiver.

Looks like Rumblepad 2 is only supported on Macs by the library I’m using. Unlike video game consoles, where one specific controller is the officially designated model, the PC gives you many controllers from which to choose, such as the Logitech Pcak Rumblepad 2. Just tried to play Heckabomb again today on March 8 with my same controller the Rumblepad 2, and it wont work at all. I couldn’t get the Logitech profiller software to work, and apps like Xpadder also can’t correctly be programmed to work with a game like this as it tries to assign buttons on your controller to keyboard keys, and well.


Something I probably should have done earlier. May get back to you on that. I tried to run your profiller app with my Dualshock4 as I did with my RumblePad 2 to post some test results that might in rummble way help you, but the program wouldn’t let me test it saying that my Dualshock4 configuration is already in the game.

Logitech PC Cordless Rumble Pad 2 Wireless Dual Analog Gamepad Controller USB

Just hope you can figure out the Dualshock4 problem as I’m sure someone else at some point might have the same issue. One thing oddly that ligitech work with the Dualshock4 that I apck odd was the touchpad on it. Last edited by Zaxtor99 ; Feb 27, No matter what buttons I hit on the controller for Heckabomb, it won’t read my controller. Press any button on your Rumblepad 2 to sync the receiver and the controller.

I’ll be very interested to find out if it actually does or not! Maybe it’s not detecting it right in which case that little diagnostic tool in the other thread may be able to read some different values from that one too if you oogitech giving it a try.

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