Dan R Employee December 18, Again, they’re not required and they would not change anything for your use. It shouldnt really be connected to the internet anyway, if you have that luxury: Ihave the same problem.. Mehdi Moucharraf December 02, The mood in here. Old Evolution MKC firmware?

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So I checked out the website at http: FT December 22, It seemed to work fine, the midi ports opened up in ableton9 and i was able to select it in preferences. Peter Lecuyer November 09, When you insert the usb cable it must click to indicate that if fitted well. Old Evolution MKC firmware?

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

My MKC isnt even recognised when I plug it in. FT February 15, Hi Dan, I dvolution having a similar issue. Although the sliders and knobs used to work with Ableton Live, except for slider number 9 that was never recognized, they never worked in FL Studio or Protools. Hey Guys, For my situation, I found a fault with my controller’s usb port. This has nothing to do with drivers or firmware, but rather just that FL Studio and Pro Tools integrate MIDI devices in a very different way than Ableton which is arguably the easiest at integrating controllers.


FT How does this make you feel? It shouldnt really be connected to the internet anyway, if you have that m-auvio I really wouldn’t like to mess it up, original firmware is unavailable I think. The Evolution series keyboards require no drivers they’re class-compliant and have no firmware updates.

M-Audio Evolution MK-449C Keyboard

Just plug it into you USB port and your computer should recognize it as Midi equipment. Dan R Employee December 18, Lo and behold windows recognised the controller.

I opened it and had a look at the motherboard and found that my usb port contacts were a bit loose and slightly coming off the board.

Mehdi Moucharraf December 02, However when trying to assign a midi note or fader to an action, it all crashes horribly. There are drivers for Windows if you’re having trouble performing very specific sysex transfers because Windows’ built in drivers are not good at this: Because the MKC works in Ableton, that shows the controller itself is working fine. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.


Once installed the controller cannot be recognized and under device manager there’s an error ‘Device Descriptor Request failed. Ihave the same problem.

Old Evolution MKC firmware?

Hello Andrei, Thanks for posting! Sorry for evoluiton confusion! If your going this far, I would suggest a fresh install of the last one that worked.

Cheers How does this make you feel? My usb cable didn’t fit tight when I connected the cable to the controller usb port. The controller has a midi port next to it. It’s in good working order, however I’m having a hard time with the knobs, sliders and especially the buttons at the left side, beneath the LCD. mk-449d

I hope this makes sense! Skbz Doo January 02, It seems like there’s a compatibility issue with win 10, my controller was working well under win 8.

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