Tonal operating temperature dropped a degree for a slight improvement in detail magnification and an upward click in bass definition. There are some cheapies knocking about on eBay here: The Octave could err toward leanness but the Hex fills you out with flesh and colour. The tone of a well clocked device is deeper, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated and more natural. I confirmed this to be true. Furthermore, no driver is required for both Mavericks or Linux.

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A harsh truth that nearly every digital audio newcomer must face?

Hi, we have done the driver for Linux and two weeks ago we have decided to write the driver for Maverick. Blat by the butt load. Considering the quality I was intending to buy a hiFace then a coaxial-to-optical adapter, though it sounds like a mess Carat Ruby only has optical digital input. VortexBox also natively supports the M2Tech interface, and is incredibly easy to use.

Michael — this is for the Hiface MKI? We’d have to put in a bigger piece of memory to buffer the data. I confirmed this ofm be true. This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex. Although M2tech m2tehc undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer.


Two layers are assigned for data handling.

6moons audio reviews: M2Tech HiFave EVO with optional battery PSU and master clock

The nice thing that they buy an hardware from a guy that is the same one that has done the apple driver and take for it 6 months. Further it can be hard to find the best device. As an agent for me described, the is more romantic and warm [it is also used in the Linn Klimax] but the is more like the real world and closer to the XLR.

Despite being the priciest unit in the chain, the Hex was in no way out of place in more wallet-friendly company.

I think that it might be one of the best USB receivers I know of. More specifically, warmth communicated as humidity rather than direct sunlight.

6moons audio reviews: Metrum Acoustics Hex

Devices with higher jitter and inferior clock recovery or clock generation sound brighter, seemingly more detailed until we compare them to something better. With the advancement of information technology and digital communication networks, the market of Home Entertainment has witnessed an increase of the request for integrated systems in which the usual audio equipment interact in a much tight and synergistic manner with computing equipment.

The sound is usually a little bit farther away from us due to a better presentation of the proportions between instruments, acoustics and their relationship with our own listening room. Since the launch of the Mavericks OS, however, the driver supplied by M2tech was instantly outdated.


The Hex exposed an abundance of timbral information obfuscated by the Micromega unit.

A head-to-head between Product Hex and the Auralic Vega is penciled in for early No need for a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. This review page is supported in part by the lem whose ad banners are displayed below.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

Whilst your unit was in transit we evaluated the and decided to deliver both options”. It has very powerful and deep bass and can show this effect on its own.

A selection of recordings used during listening sessions: Cees – terrific job here. What would be a decent USB-to-optical solution for Mavericks?

I next switched to balanced connections as the Audio-gd integrated allows for it. Why blame Metrum or even M2Tech? Shopping cart Your cart is empty Please add some mtech to your cart.

Few speakers can do it well even fewer amps.

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