Take an ink pen and push the tip inside the jack and see if the little pin wiggles, if so the jack is bad. Harddrive failure bad sectors. Remove the Power Cord, Open the Case and remove one of the memory chips. Answered on Mar 29, Answered on Jun 07, Answered on Jul 24, Beep tones and blinking lights tells the technicians what is going on with the laptop and why it is not booting.

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If the video shows on the external monitor that proves your video card is ok, ,but your lcd screen is bad. Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. It’s better to contact the shop and let them look at the problems of their product.

If it fails to boot then move the chip to the next memory slot and try rebooting. Steve Level 3 Expert Answers.

If the Borrowed monitor displays ok, then your video card inside the computer is good, but your original monitor is bad. If it boots, then you know the memory chip you set aside is bad so mark an x on it with an ink pen.


Biostar M7VIG 400 Motherboard

If so, try using another monitor on the computer. Please assign your manual to a product: If so, then the LCD Inverter is bad. Does it seem like it booted up except the display is blank? Connect another monitor to the computer. This is the page for M7VIG It can be any kind of monitor even the old big fat crt monitors as long as it has a vga cable to connect to your computer’s vga port.

Mainboard BIOSTAR M7VIG Pro Motherboard + CPU 2 GHz + RAM TOP

There is a big range of AGP video cards to choose from. Set the chip aside then try rebooting the computer.

I am very happy to hear feedback from you so please contact me for more information TQ. Plug in an external monitor and see if the display shows up on it. Answered on Sep 30, If it does not seem like the computer boots all the way up, mvig try the steps below: Answered on Aug 16, If you see no icons by shinning the flash light and nothing shows on the external monitor, then most likely your video card is bad. Answered on Mar 29, Beep tones and blinking lights tells the technicians what is going on with the laptop and why it is not booting.


Harddrive failure bad sectors. When you plug in the m7vjg cord is there any lights whatsoever on the laptop, where the plug goes in or on the AC Adapter of dispkay power cord? Answered on Sep 03, Most times the problem is with the memory or Video Card. If you see no icons by shinning a flash light and the external monitor diaplay, then your screen is bad.

If the Borrowed monitor does not display then the video card inside the computer is bad. Maybe your memory is bad m7vg the memory slot is bad. Hi, the homepage for the mainboard is here: Answered on Jun 07, I see your question asks “what kind of Overheating or defect cpu. You’ll have to take the laptop apart to fix it. Maybe your power cord is bad if you don’t get anything to happen whatsoever when you press the power button.

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