The has a thick, almost armored shell, is built heavy and all the controls are tight, not flimsy like you’ll sometimes see on cheaper models. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Prompt notice after a few hours of use It stands out, remains to be seen the quality of the preamp! Dedicated talkback section with built-in mic allow you to easily communicate with the talent, whether behind the glass or in front of stage monitors.

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All user reviews for the Mackie Onyx 1220

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Also the low latency abilty really helps out when im working on bigger projects. The rest of the unit is exactly what you’d come to expect from the folks at Mackie. The pre amps are finally well below the TL anyway but this is not the same price. Mackie calls these their Onyx preamps, wasn’t sure what the significance of that is, but they are crystal clear with very high headroom.

All the firewwire is also worthy of Mackie, nothing moves, nothing dvisse RAS on this point. OnyxAnalog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.


Everything and more’s there. The project studio I mentioned earlier needed a central unit to control all of my instruments, inputs and the like and run them direct in to my PC for flrewire purposes.

All 12 inputs feature balanced direct outputs via analog D-sub connectors for feeding multi-track recorders, monitor mixers etc. Very good finish, largment than the Soundcraft Spirit M4 I had for some time.

Mackie Onyx Mixer Mixing Console ONYX 12 20 | eBay

Yes I would buy without bp for the use that I have is great. Mackie Brings the Music to Newmark School.

Finally a feature solo by solo against the level is not adjustable, it is surprising quantity was inadvertently dropped the master. There’s nothing I have found that isn’t absolutely great yet. The EQ is a quality product sold irrprochable for that price I do not need to do it again if I prciser this choice Everything is hand door, everything is really functional No less audible breath to push the EQ and gain back Onyx i Rack Ears.

There is a parameter, I liked 2 but it is on the top models.


No Longer Available 122 Location close. At least in installments! The Mackie Onyx series mixers are at home in project recording and sound reinforcement applications. This console is built, the buttons are firesire and pleasant, Neutrik everywhere, Silk-screen Printing net. It stands out, remains to be seen the quality of the preamp! I’m more of a tweaker and gear head than an accomplished musician, but I play well enough to create musical ideas and write songs, just not very technical and accomplished.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Otherwise, I hsit for VLZ3 but impossible to find in stores I bluff by the quality of everything from all Mackie ONYX accessories. Very few products that offer “otpion” EQ with Bypass, but flat, and on, the eq does not color and I wonder why this button? I did not compare to other models if finally a small Behringer but is this really a comparison?

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