All buttons are though nice to touch and responsive. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Mad Catz made some interesting choices for mounting the wheel. Racing Wheel and Pedal. We all remember the glorious horse carriages with dozens of horses, mentioned in many children fairy tales. Especially in sim racing accurateness is crucial. On the vertical spoke you find start and back buttons.

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Works perfectly and in good and clean condition. With the vertical vector design you can easily keep your jc2 set or move your whole foot and maintain very accurate control over gas and brake.

Another surprise, but a nice one is the 4-directional D-Pad at the center of the wheel circle. I say “strangely” because there are far more racing titles, and far more good racing titles, on the Xbox than there are on the GCN.

Madcatz MC2

If you plan on placing it on a coffee table or desk then you have to use the suction cups. You do not need to plug the wheel into a wall. Of course, if ultimate performance from an Xbox wheel is expected, you should consider obtaining the brilliant ergonomic OpenWheeler game seat along with the Ferrari Italia or the more budget choice of a driving simulator cockpit represented by the Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit Italia.


If you have more than one console that one’s a no-brainer. Mad Catz mc2 racing wheel and pedals for xboxincludes cables works great free USA mx2. All buttons are though nice to touch and responsive.

The differences are fairly dramatic and I am sure anyone could find an acceptable setting. No calibration is mav you are good to go in about a minute. Mad Catz calls it the “vertical vector design. As of present day, however, we’d strongly recommend to overlook the better up-to-date alternatives.

The only performance problem I encountered was that the Xbox mysteriously stopped recognizing the wheel during game play a few times. In more recent history, whenever speed was needed – faster, purebred horses had to be used. The MC2 is a rather high-end device for Mad Catz, who typically directs its energy at more cost-effective, “value” solutions. The wheel is not without problems, but it is a solid performer.

Mad Catz Mc2 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PlayStation 1 and 2 Model Sluh-00061

Switching gears is optimized by the tiny paddles’ adequate response. It was the first racing wheel set compatible to the Microsoft Xboxso being the very first certified Xbox steering wheel that you can still acquire, we believe datz short test and a summary just need to be present. Racing Wheel and Pedal. The suction cup mounting solution is a little wonky, but the rubber extenders for lap use make up for this deficiency.



The steering wheel has all of the standard controls as well as a shifter. In this very case kind of. The degree rotation is enough for arcades like Need for Speed: The throttle needs to be more cahz and adequate. These little extenders offer enough friction to keep the wheel in place if you’re wearing jeans or a similar material.

The rubber stopper feet of pedals clamping mechanism do need mv2 creativity on your side, to fix them firmly on a carpeted floor. Of course, all this comes at a price.

Mad Catz MC2 for Xbox Review – IGN

Often pedals are hard mounted, which can make pressing them uncomfortable. It costs the same but can be used with any console.

Conveniently, the wheel pulls all power through the controller port. There might be some nice products coming down the line, but they’ll have to really hit the mark to beat out the MC2. As you can see in the following pictures, the MC2 is a complete package.

Mad Catz wheels are less popular than the Thrustmaster wheels, and there’s a reason – quality and game title support.

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