This content has been marked as final. In fact I find that most people have never gone into their msconfig file and turned things off. As with Matrox, ones system rarely crashed and the card didn’t corrupt AVI files imported between versions. Documentation Software Updates Utilities and Fixes. Can I keep Premiere Pro 2. When Adobe was bundled with the Pinnacle DV, everything seemed to work beautifully.

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Matrox Video – Support – RT.X10

Be patient and I should be able to report back eventually. Using that logic, you have to justify the cost of the card over a shorter period. Jim, It’s time for an upgrade. Then open the resulting file. Well, let’s assume that it will only be good for CS3 and after that, anything else is just gravy.

To further expand the range of realtime organic effects matroz your Matrox RT. Important All information on the designated drive will be lost. So what does that tell you?


X10 sections apply to RT. General storage considerations Storage plays a vital role in the overall performance of your Matrox RT.

Thanks, appreciate a quick reply. In the provided dialog box, specify a volume label for the partition you are creating. For information on how to configure your system’s virtual memory, see your Windows documentation. Steven, did you test the RT. Overall I get lots done with 2. In the Disk Management utility, right-click the appropriate drive and choose Format.

Disk defragmentation It’s important to make sure that your storage does not become too fragmented. I ,atrox all the correct requirements with my current system and would love mtarox move UP if gtx10 warrants the switch but My own thinking is that the card should be good for at least the warranty period, which was three years for my RT. Tips and Techniques Please note RT. I don’t know if Canopus is a public company but I certainly wouldn’t buy any of their stock.

Doing so can reduce performance leading to dropped frames in your projects. Edit on your laptop, finish on Matrox RT. Once the files have been extracted, go to their folder and etx10 Setup. After removing it from my sys, all the usual crashes went away. So if you want to use PPro CS3, pull out the card, you cant use it anymore.


Parhelia’s Meg video memory isn’t enough to run CS3.

X10 Suite and RT. Obviously one can’t USE Adobe’s software if they aren’t able to even import and export footage from devices. X10 you may not be aware of, such as how to create certain special effects.

System requirements

Leave the Allocation unit size at Mmatrox. The following sections contain information on equipment that has been tested for compatibility with Matrox RT. I currently have been using a Matrox RTX.

I don’t think you will see anywhere where Adobe says it must be used with Matrox.

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