Again, thank you for your help! We use virtualbox for our builds. Driver support in Ghost is not real versatile. Long story short, set up an install of Windows 10 exactly the way you want. I would stick with that. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Want to add to the discussion? You could also use a group policy, the local GPO, for example, to tell Windows what to do for power settings, for all users. Nothing extravagant like an Alienware, or Falcon Northwest gaming rig, but above average. Check the logs inside the boot pxe environment for any clue and Google netwprk events that stick out.

Note that I had to type the name of the host machine – not “vboxsvr” like you would use when sharing from within a Windows networkk. Does it mean drivers have to installed manually after the manual deployment for each different hardware?

I am scrambling trying to figure out how to get my desktops to load the tiles and desktops properly. As soon as a user logs off from Windows, their profile is removed.


From a few PCs, to hundreds, the requirements were the same, to deploy the same configuration with as little, repetitive work as possible.

Thanks for your efforts. VirtualBox for Windows Imaging.

If you’re not sure how to do that look it up. Virtuaalbox accounts can stay, but the profiles cannot. I’ve even rebuilt my deployment share but I’m still Capturing the Image… There are several different ways to get an image of Windows.

If yes, we need to do that before capture. Imaging aside, to deal with OEM licenses, you can provision instead.

How to Create a Windows Image for Mass Deployment | Jason Watkins

We adopted MDT a couple of years ago for a few reasons, and that allowed us to change the way we made operating system images. Netwofk, April 19, 3: Here you have shown how to create a windows image.

Every time I get an error saying ‘The network path was not found’. Large capacity USB flash drives are very affordable.


Imaging a physical machine works: Then click the “Share” button. Delete the profile from the advanced system properties window, and not by just deleting the folder under C: Tom, Two options as far virtulbox I see it.


I want to be able to build my company image using a VM, not a physical PC. In its most basic form, you need virtuwlbox only run sysprep from the VM about to be captured, and shut down, then restart to the WinPE boot disk and run ImageX.

Sign up using Facebook. The shared folder I wanted to save the. The option to spend minutes of a 60 minute class, getting the software to work as desired, virtuslbox out of the way is just not an option. To answer your questions, and to give you a little more details on the environment: VMs take up storage space quickly.

Run that as a step at the end of you task sequence.

DO NOT surf the web as the built-in administrator on a Windows PC without antivirus software for obvious reasons, mt an important another is profile size. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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