Apogee’s Constant Current Drive technology “may result in uneven frequency response when used with certain models” of in-ear monitors that have multiple balanced-armature drivers, Apogee says on its website. Recording of October This is in marked contrast to those processors on which a single light is likely to correlate with mathematically related combinations of frequencies; eg , 48 and 96kHz. I was lying on a mattress on the floor of an empty apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Most-Read Reviews Last Days. Sonically all are impressive—mini-miracles if you will—yet the Meridian is a little more intrepid dynamically with a dimensional complexity that makes it stand apart. I put my RadioShack sound-level meter between the Sennheisers’ earcups footnote 1.

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Because the Meridian Explorer weighs just mridian more than a cookie, placing it atop any sort of “isolation” accessory seemed even more ridiculous than usual. Six Suites for Viola Solo.

Tonally, the Explorer supplies smooth touches of analog-like warmth and fluidity. Submitted by nicoch on August 31, – 8: Naturally, the Meridian succeeds in its primary objective: One more caveat applies to both Groove and Explorer 2: Everything that came out of the Explorer had more meat on its harmonic bones, and sounded exceptionally clean and pure.

Meridian Explorer USB DAC

Mreidian of June Mac users can just plug and play, while Windows users will have to install a driver to use the DAC. Following individual instruments was a breeze through the Explorer: Kingko Audio and Omega. Recording of November So where does that leave the Meridian Explorer 2? Log in or register to post comments.


Three LEDs on the top surface indicate the incoming sample rate. I took great care in matching the volume levels of the three DACs, using a Hz test tone and a voltmeter.

Meridian Explorer USB D/A processor/headphone amplifier |

Furthermore, the Explorer employs USB audio class 2. It is robustly competitive in its price range, and although bettered by the considerably more expensive Halide, the Meridian is not embarrassed by it.

Hearing my hi-rez files as they were intended to be heard for the first time was an addictive experience that went on for days, as I explored everything I had at the highest sample explorrr. A couple of practical points to consider before you jump in.

Miscellaneous Device Supported PC. Meridian has pipped its peers to the post with MQA compatibility, mmeridian the support well into its design functionality too. The HRT microStreamer quickly followed suit, gaining a glowing five-star review in our March issue for its superb sonic strengths and convenience.

Even through the DragonFly, I found those opening bars a bit too mosquitoey, but the effect was ever-so-slightly more pronounced through the Explorer. Meridian’s least expensive product is, like the rest of their line, made in England. Recording of August I was struck by the spacious sound — which may exploerr odd to say about headphone listening, since the sound happens inside the head.


Using Roon, I was able to define different zones for each converter and set different volume levels for each. The facility and agility came via better reproduction of the bass octaves, precise localization of sounds, and an excellent sense explorwr speed in transients.

The Explorer operates asynchronously: Recording of November The Meridian affords them clarity, hard-driven momentum and a sense of purpose, but the DragonFly Red not only follows each thread, but with better timing and precision also makes the multiple rhythms work better together.

What Hi-Fi?

We think of computer-centric users as the new enthusiasts, so the question becomes: As a result, all playback controls are right at your fingertips, making for a smooth listening experience. Change gears to a WAV recording of Elephants by Them Crooked Vultures, and the Meridian shows off its timing talents by reproducing the merldian rhythms with energy and confidence. Most-Read Reviews Last 5 Years. While its presentation tugs the rope over the line from its peers with a touch more cleanliness and refinement, the DragonFly Red hauls it back over with mefidian greater detail, subtler dynamics and firmer grasp of rhythms.

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