Locating A Problem Turn on the monitor and adjust the monitor stand so that you have a good viewing angle of the screen. The arrow head icon indicates that this field contains a submenu. PartitionMagic can only be run from a DOS level. If virus protection is enabled, Drive Image will hang after you click Finish. For example, a USB keyboard or monitor could host several ports for additional devices.

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Connecting to a Power Source Use this menu to configure and enable Power Management features. An external microphone can be connected to the microphone jack.

A submenu contains additional options for a field parameter. Insert the battery into the battery compartment and turn on the TREK 2. Operating Environment Operating environment Connecting to a power source You can use your computer under a wide range of You can dizplay the provided AC adapter to supply your computer environmental conditions.

However, to ensure long use and continued high performance, consider the following factors when setting up your computer: Before you run your system for the first time on battery power, remove the battery from its package and install it in the system.

The User password allows restricted access to the Setup menus.

The image can then be restored from the source and used for complete operating system, application and data recovery. Other product names mentioned herein are used for identification. At any point prior to actual image file creation, you can click Back to return to the previous step and change your settings.



So, whenever you decide transpotg pull over for roadside computing, choose a clean, comfortable work area for your system. The Create Partition screen appears.

This can destroy the notebook and void trznspotr warranty. Additionally it can be used with the internal touch pad or pointing stick. Memory can be upgraded to MB by the following options: To make changes to this field, the type field must be set to User.

To deselect partitions, click again on a partition or click Select None. Using battery power Automatic battery pack charging function The battery system will provide approximately 2 to 3 hours of You can automatically charge the battery pack by using the power to the TREK 2.

Rrek TREK 2 is equipped with two internal stereo speakers, a microphone, and both input and output audio ports for external audio units.

With the proper software you will be able to record this input signal. These two edges will serve as an indication that the notebook computer is properly aligned to the port replicator.

Micron Electronics TREK 2 AGP Manuals

Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. What happens next depends on whether you miicron any open files dislay partitions being affected by the change. System Date The System Date field sets your system to the date that you specify usually the current date. If this is the case, a learning cycle is recommended to correct this problem. If you are customizing your notebook and are reloading the operating system, please use the CD-ROM boot diskette that This chapter describes the software utilities that are provided came with your system.


Standby timeout You can set Power Management to operate at all times or only This field allows you to specify how much time of inactivity when you are using battery power.

When the adapter is connected to the computer, it provides power as long as it is plugged into an transppotr wall outlet.

If you are multimedia software.

Micron Electronics TREK 2 AGP User Manual

If Logical Partition is unavailable, you may already have four primary partitions on the hard disk. PartitionMagic All drivers are pre-installed and tested by Micron. You will not have to run this CD unless you are experiencing problems with your system or if you have recently reinstalled the operation system. The POST checks memory, the main system board, the display, the keyboard, the disk drives, and other installed options.

Table Of Contents To connect a keyboard with a 5-pin connector, use a 5-pin to 6-pin transfer cable.

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