If none of those, it may have to do with whether the Mii can be edited. Finally go into the Mii channel, hit the icon of the wii-mote on the right, and unload all of your new Mii’s into your Mii Space. I’m willing to help make it so that this UI can pull the Mii listing from the website and automatically upload and download the Mii’s into the software from the internet. I’m not having any luck with the MiiTransfer program. Can you see the scores of other mii than yours on wii sport?

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Ok, I got the BT drive and all the jazz installed and the computer recognizes the wiimote and blustooth that the computer and the wiimote have been paired, but the wiimote keeps on flashing its blue lights like nothing happened until it turns off i cant figure it out someone please help a poor n00b btw im running windows 8: Download it from here and extract it.

I also transferred a Mii using transfeer MiiTransfer software. Simply run the readslotALL.

If you can not wait for the next release here is how to change you bluetooth stack: Download it here That would be a killer app for the Mii community I know I had to do it that way. If there were a Mii-sharing site, that could be a user-set option whether it was read-only for downloaders. Now I have the actual Mii binary file converted into a jpeg. I just don’t want my shiny new Wii locked up.


Yeah, that’s pretty much it Bluetoooth can see them when you play wii sports and it asks you to choose your character. I am able to use the GUI program to transfer the mii files. LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks.

My Mii Manager

Of course, I could have saved about 5 hours and just took a screenshot, but they look horrible. Wii News from digg Loading I had that problem and got the brilliant idea to just tranzfer off the Wii Can I download it from somewhere?

Nah, there’s now way to send your Mii to an SD card Did you somehow extract a saved Mii from your wiimote using bluetooth?

I don’t know bluetoothh much about data allocation, but it doesn’t seem necessary to just take the lower couple of bits from a bit integer. Like mine use MSI driver and widcomm software, still good to go.

My Mii Manager | – The Independent Video Game Community

There are a bunch of batch files included in the download archive. Give you a good mapping between buttons and some particular software’s functionality? You will need to manually rename each mii to mii0. Thank you very much for this information. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Click Here transcer Post a Comment.


Now you should have the Microsoft BT icon on the task tray. It took me quite a while to get the whole process sorted out, but now I can get Miis onto the comp in no time.

There’s a nice, new shiny GUI in there waiting for ya. Im curious because it can release information about the Wiis Development.

It would be nice to be able to make it so that Miis perhaps created on a computer and then transferred to the Wiimote could be edited on the Wii. I would be willing to test a workable version of Miitransfer on my server setup.

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