These cameras are displayed with the following symbol: Page 54 You enter the module at Level 3. When it is displayed, the function is enabled. They are similar in look andin possible controls but are optimised for different uses. Glossary The manual may contain many technical terms.

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The C20 function Page 25 accessible from the map screens overrides thesettings on this screen. They work like fixed cameras, but they aredifficult to spot.

Zoom In and Out: Visible Warning You are warned well in advance. You need to reenable it at the General settings screen Page 63 to have the colours changeautomatically again. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Although basically going for the fastest solution, if there is another route taking a bit more time but a lot less distance compared to the fastest one, MioMap will choose this one instead to save fuel.

Smart powersaveYou can also initiate this special feature of MioMap. They are similar tothe ones in the Bypass list of the Recalculate menu Page 41but these can alsobe used for distant parts of the route.

Mio DigiWalker C210 User Manual

The position information obtained from the GPS receiver will not be transmitted anywhere, so others will not be able to track you by the help of this program. This will immediately turn off the automatic rotation.


Each track log has a colour, shown to the left of its name when the track log is visibleon the map. TFT – color – touch sensitive c20. Tapping this icon in fact, tappingthe screen anywhere stops the simulation.

It appears on thescreen to visualise the distance when you get closer than meters feet tothe next mmiomap, and it remains visible till you reach the turn. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Don’t see a manual you are looking for? For a single route you tap this when the destination is selected. Thank you for choosing MioMap as your door-to-door in-car navigator. My understanding so far is that they come with only the ability to run their own software, and this allows you to install basically any hardware compatible software on the device?

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Miiomap can fine-tune this warning in General settings Page The description c2100 these modes will come later in this manual. Basedupon this setting, some of the road types will be excluded from the route e.

MioMap provides you with a versatile search engine designed to find your chosen destination after only a few taps on the screen. Also, can someone give me a simple description of what it means to unlock a mio device?

Use the arrows on the right to browse through the list and tap any line to highlight it. Page 60 screen you can see the first page of the top level POI categories. For a single route you tap thiswhen the destination is selected.


Its leftmost point is the start of the route, the rightmost one is the final destination, and you can see your via point flags along the line, spaced in proportion to their distance. The way they show the map is the same but their look and controls areoptimised for different purposes. Postcodes may not be available for moimap selected country. MioMap is able to rotate the map for your convenience.

Page 37 If you highlight any of the POI groups by tapping them, the button in the bottom left corner will become Show if the POI group is hidden, or Hide if the group is shown or partly shown. Zoom in to have only a few streets on the map, and start tilting up and down to see how MioMap switches between the two modes in an instant. The GPS receiver uses satellite signals to calculate its your moomap. Table of ContentsWarnings and safety information

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