I need to power cycle the QIP if I try to tune an encrypted channel, but otherwise things are nice and stable. Motorola dch anyone using this STB yet? From the reading I’ve done, my options are: After that point, all analog channels could only be accessed if I first changed the channels with a remote. How to activate dch?

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I tested it myself 50 times total to verify it was reliable. It seems that they introduced a firmware update I don’t remember the version number that broke it for me. Called cable company who said ports are disabled. For Motorola boxes, this is called ch. Mailing List Archive GT.

I haven’t confirmed this myself yet. Content in this area has been motoroal as outdated or irrelevant.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

I would be surprised if it’s even active. This is an archived section of the community. I switched after it stopped working. For information relating to 5C check source here [1].


I decided to get one for my bedroom as well. I called Comcast and they told me that the channels I’m missing are part of a package.

Called cable company who said 1. Find all posts by ke6guj.

FireWire – MythTV Official Wiki

Even then some channels are not usable because mythfrontend may get confused when trying to playback the non-compliant transport stream. This is an example. The type should be “Firewire. External utilities for changing channels via Firewire are also available. All non premium or Pay for view channels until last spring. Now only digital channels. However, to obtain test-mpeg2, libiec needs to be compiled but not installed:.

Find all posts by killervette. Wikipedia has an article on: In fact, dfh3200 those using precompiled rpms, the older stack is no longer available from ATrpms for Fedora 13 and later. I got all the regular cable channels and a few of the HD channels. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?


My Motorola HD cable box has Ethernet. What for?

Tune channel, press power button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu. However, that is no longer the case. Select New Capture Card from the list.

Scratch that, I got it to change the channels using channel. I called Comcast, and got an appointment with a technician. I don’t use any premium channels, and so 5c has mptorola a non-issue for me most of the time. Post your questions in the Xfinity Community. It’s almost impossible now to have a stable DVR with it, but I can still record digital channels from time to time. Same process as theirs.

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