While the phones aren’t perfect, we must have been lucky because we do not experience any major problem. Posted February 11, I did the gprs thing with my laptop last weekend and it worked fine. Motorola MPx replaces the previous model Motorola MPx, which enjoyed much popularity in the market. Also could this phone be upgraded to Window mobile ?

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I don’t know how, or if it’s modwm possible to use your phone as a dial up modem. I just upgraded it to Rom 1.

Motorola MPx220 Start Here Manual: Phone Modem

We’d mark that the second edition of WM for Smartphone differs visually in revised Internet Explorer, which can now pull out almost any Internet page into a column, and does it quickly. On the left side you find a paired volume button, which replaced the scrolling wheel. I am one my second one in 3 months, after slow service from Cingular phone returns. Silver, Black and Brown.

Phone Modem – Motorola MPx Start Here Manual [Page 83]

The build of the phone appears low; it can make creaking noises when you move the hinge. Additionaly I have to remove and replace the battery and reboot as the interface locks up regulary.

I had this phone for 2 months now, and it is not a good quality phone. Important Information By using this site, you agree to mode, Terms of Use. This application recognizes voice commands and you don’t have to make voice marks.


At the moment Motorola MPx smartphone competes with Nokia the review is available here. From some picture I saw,the operation seemed to be easier, and it modm fantastic.

Review GSM smartphone Motorola MPx220

I am using e right now. With time the list of applications for Windows for Smartphone gets swiftly larger. The front panel features the following elements from top to bottom: There are no direct rivals except for Samsung Javelin, which is not yet announcedand as for the indirect rivals based on the other platformwe can call Nokia I’d advise you not to inset it against stop, and then you’ll have no problems with it. That’s all for the settings, we can say they are rich, but far from being maximum.

Both phones have very low volume and always requires the separate handset for the other person to hear.

How to unlock Motorola MPx |

Its volume is as high as in the previous model tones polyphony. Posted February 9, The files that have no digital rights protection can be transferred to other device via IrDA or Bluetooth.

Inside you can see the place for a SIM-card, it should be pushed into the upper part of the smartphone, it is possible to insert a SIM-card, when the battery is removed. Well, the model isn’t bad, it will find its buyer, however we can’t call it a successful successor of Motorola MPx Some elements the external screen, the loudspeaker are located on the silver-mirror part, so you can use it as the mirror for self-portrait, besides the external screen works as a viewfinder, but it’s difficult to make anything out on it.


Purchased them in January with Cingular. Besides you can access digital zoom up to 4x though it’s hardly useful, the picture quality gets even worse.

It also clicks when you open and close it, which I don’t mind, but it could bother people. PhotoAlbum views photos snapped by the camera.

Can someone with experience please help?

I read that a Mpx2200 or firmware upgrade would fix it. Total of user reviews and opinions for Motorola MPx Compare them with the photos by other devices on the separate page here. Menu items are numbered and are chosen with digital keys, the main menu navigation is also done by pressing “” buttons.

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