You can save the current version of your bios from the dos command prompt with: As an interim soution whilst I sort out my storage and streaming requirements I am running SqueezeCentre on a Wind clone – Advent netbook over Send a link for the one you have. Problem is I’m using an 11 year old CRT that takes a moment to come to life even when warm. I echo the question “Has anyone solved this? Making it as lightweight as possible, obviously.

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I neglected to mention that having the wrong driver could be the source of your problems.

Since the box is in the basement, noise, etc. Once this thing is settled in I don’t expect to be rebooting it much, so the ram disk should have all the logging I need.

I suspect a driver module– what network driver are you using? I did find that I needed to use the “–quirk-s3-bios” pm-suspend quirk in order to restore text video and not cause a kernel freak-out on wake up. Any suggestions welcome, including anything I did that was dumb I’ve never done anything like this before and don’t really know what I’m doing!

The first time, I kept widn DVD connected.


I do think that this cropped up with the last kernel update the Fedora folks put out. Only drawback at the moment is the 80gb drive. I did not have to change anything on the mysql install, apparmor, or anything else to get this up.


Is ms not what you think it is. My install incorrectly detected the network adapter as r and I manually forced it to use r in modprobe. Part of pv night’s exercise was to clone the system drive for these new WindPCs via dd.

I could not reliably resume from a suspend until after I installed the correct r driver. If so, why not put the system files on the same disk as the audio files are on? I am a windows user and know nothing about linux; it was my hope to gain a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes with the operating system, and also to mw-7418 free of MS.

Read our full privacy policy. After much rebooting, editing GRUB menu. Minimum 2″ protective cushioning on all sides. It is up and running right now though along with my other freenas server.

Support For Wind PC (Linux) | Desktop – The most versatile consumer pc | MSI USA

My intended use is as a dedicated music server. My first thought is to install Ubuntu or Xubuntu because that’s the linux I know best. Agregar a Lista de favoritos. I think you’ll find that most folks run relatively underpowered hardware like the WindPC “headless” eg without a monitor, keyboard and mouse and without running the gnome gui. Msi ms on markings, ms-7148 unit msi ms assembled in China.


Support For Wind PC (Linux) | Desktop – The most versatile consumer pc | MSI Global

I don’t have any USB peripherals. No lags or other performance problems with playback or with UI navigation.

You know it’s a bad sign when the message says “Waking up. I will repeat the primary pv I posted in case this secondary issue obscured it.

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. I gathered from the slimnas site that slimnas doesn’t work with the. Don’t remember what the default was, but there’s no harm just trying it unplug system from AC, reconnect, and see it it responds to WOL magic packet Yep, should have thought of that!

That’s a great feature, but not required by any means. Ah, never overlook the obvious. It was my hope to build a linux wind barebones system to serve my music. Or do I just need to consult a good beginner’s book on linux?

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