If you have digital output enabled and have analog speakers hooked up of course it is going to not work. This is not exclusive of the msi, you have different ways to do this, 1 easiest would be to send the signal through hdmi, the PCM audio signal can be read by most receivers. Currently trying to work this out via tech support. Recieved an email from the place of purchase. I’m using an optical cable to my receiver.

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Only the realtek drivers. So i’ll contact MSI. Ok, i’ll give it a go. Here is a Picture from another angle http: Which bios do you have installed?

The memory is fine as this motherboard is a replacement for an old P67 board which didn’t have enough PCIe 1x slots for my hardware, so I’ve just migrated the hardware. HU16E on January, Try increasing the dramv to 1. I can’t see any bent CPU pins?


I am unable to get the backpanel to be detected at all. They refuse to replace it because of bent pins?

What ram do you have? Not sure if this is gona help or if im wrong, but of no one else helping, ill give a shot, I never really tried the DTS Connect as i let the soundcard decode and send it through 3.

Bad grounding can cause this as well. I tried switching cables, didn’t fix it. What i have tried: Might want to open a ticket with msi.

Try deactivating digital audio. I received a replacement through MSI which arrived today.

MSI Z77A-GD65 weird static noise from onboard sound

If it was the latter, that could be the issue as well. Thanks in advance, Z77a-yd65. Also, if it is the pins you may be able to fix them.

I noticed that I hear a little buzz Idk how to call it exactly when I’m playing. I’ve installed the latest drivers.

Normally setting Headphones front and Speakers back to standard device should be sufficient to switch between those. They still refuse to take it back. If it does, try the VGA in another computer. Setup the PC outside the case None of which have solved my problem.


Z77A-GD65 and front panel audio problem !!

It could also be your power supply. I checked this and also took a picture of the motherboard before i sent it back. Either i don’t know what to look for or i’m blind. Some cards do it worse than others, even brand new.

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MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard

I really don’t know how to fix it. I followed this guide, but all that ends up happening is that the front panel is enabled and it plays back ,si sounds http: Well i really don’t know what to say?

Unfortunately the Audio is still not working:

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